A Uniquely Singaporean Showcase at Expo 2020For the upcoming World Expo 2020, the Singapore Pavilion will showcase a thoughtful collection of local brands, each with their own stories to tell. TheHomeGround…
17 Sep 2021
5 mins read



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Churning out award-winning plays in just 24 hours

Twenty-four hours … or if you want to count it to the last second, 86,400 seconds. As the hours turned to minutes and seconds, the participants put their thoughts on paper, hoping they would not suffer writer’s block. And after battling time, fatigue and sleepiness, Ms Amanda Chong and Ms Sarah Zafirah emerged victorious in…
20 Jan 2022 2 mins read

Surviving being ‘non-essential’ in the time of Covid-19

It was in June 2020 that The Sunday Times published a bold survey listing artists as the single most non-essential job in “keeping Singapore going” amid the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.  The Internet community took to social media to denounce the framing of the survey. It also expressed concerns over how the findings could degrade several…
18 Jan 2022 5 mins read

Celebrating LGBTQ+ and their achievements at work

Playwright Haresh Sharma’s gateway into the realm of theatre began with acting roles for notable playwrights like Stella Kon and theatre companies such as the Third Stage. As an undergraduate, he joined Mr Alvin Tan’s The Necessary Stage, a fun theatre group which he started at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Inspired by the…
28 Oct 2021 6 mins read

Pursuing their passion: an expensive venture for two independent musicians

It has been almost two years since Singaporean singer-songwriter Jason Yu busked on the streets of Orchard Road. In that time, the pandemic happened and threw a wrench in his life, forcing him to give up many gig performances and putting a strain on his finances. “Before Covid-19, I honestly felt being a singer wasn’t…
27 Oct 2021 5 mins read

A Uniquely Singaporean Showcase at Expo 2020

For the upcoming World Expo 2020, the Singapore Pavilion will showcase a thoughtful collection of local brands, each with their own stories to tell. TheHomeGround Asia speaks to Candles of Light, Supermama, and The Art Faculty to find out more about the inspiration behind these true-blue Singaporean labels, the challenges they faced, and how they…
17 Sep 2021 5 mins read

Billie Eilish’s album Happier Than Ever chronicles her struggles that accompany fame

In her sophomore album Happier Than Ever, pop savant Billie Eilish chronicles her struggles that accompany her thrust to sudden fame and contemplates her relationship with stalkers, paparazzi, critics and the media. Our writer Sng Ler Jun takes a journey with her through her music to find out how she manages to sound so self-assured despite…
15 Sep 2021 3 mins read

Things to fuel your escapist tendencies

With 76 percent of the population fully vaccinated, we have seen the return of group gatherings and dining in at restaurants since last week. Things are indeed looking up for Singapore. The happiest news of all? The country is planning to ease travel restrictions for fully vaccinated residents, finally giving us the licence to go…
20 Aug 2021 3 mins read

Homebrewing Asia: Singapore masters alter D&D

Can you choose your race? This may be a thorny issue with many, but in the land of table-top role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), choosing your race is how you begin. You can pick among a handful of options: an elf, a dwarf, a half-orc.  Step into the shoes of a mountain dwarf, and…
19 Aug 2021 9 mins read

In Conversation With: Marylyn Tan, Writer, Artist

A simple play with her sister was one of Marylyn Tan’s earliest forays into creative writing at just eight years old. “It was called ‘Back With A Bird Bird’. I would storyboard it with little sketches – it was about this person who lost his penis,” she laughs. “I was proud of it because I…
18 Aug 2021 8 mins read

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