The many hats of the Singapore womanEvery morning at 8, Mrs Nahesh K, 33, and her husband, would drop their two daughters, aged 3 and 4, at the childcare centre on…
21 Jan 2022
4 mins read



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What goes on in Singapore’s underbelly: Human Trafficking

She had to find work to support her family so her friends told her to work in Singapore as a babysitter or in a cafe. Instead, she was brought to Geylang as a sex worker.  An Indonesian, Lilis, not her real name, was only 14. Her story on Hagar Singapore’s website echoes many others, telling…
26 Jan 2022 5 mins read

Has Covid killed cinemas in Singapore as we know them?

When was the last time you managed to catch a blockbuster at the cinema after the Covid-19 circuit breaker ended in May 2020? If your answer is “never”, then you are not alone. The pandemic has had a substantial impact on the film industry in 2020 and 2021 and across the world to varying degrees,…
25 Jan 2022 3 mins read

The caning debate: To smack or not to smack

It may range from a quick smack on the fingers, to a full-fledged caning on the buttocks. For a long time, the debate has raged on — does such physical punishment have a place in parenting?  While the Pope says it is ok “as long as it is done with dignity”, many experts say the…
24 Jan 2022 6 mins read

The many hats of the Singapore woman

Every morning at 8, Mrs Nahesh K, 33, and her husband, would drop their two daughters, aged 3 and 4, at the childcare centre on their way to work.  Their youngest, an eight-month-old boy, stays at home, under the care of her mother-in-law. He will join his sisters at he the childcare centre once he…
21 Jan 2022 4 mins read

When public housing falls short of the Singapore Dream

Build-To-Order (BTOs) flats are the Singaporean equivalent of the American Dream. These days, young Singaporeans are “dangling” BTOs before proposing marriage, and some sit on these million-dollar nest eggs that currently take a decade to incubate, following the changes made in the Minimum Order Period (MOP) requirements.  But just like the American dream, the nation’s…
20 Jan 2022 4 mins read

British papers paired joss paper with Chinese New Year recipe – a taboo for Chinese

British Sunday paper The Observer’s lifestyle feature on Chinese New Year foods on 16 January has many Asian readers and netizens asking “Who died?” Headlined “Char siu pork and General Tso’s golden hake – recipes for the lunar new year”, its prop stylist Pene Parker has juxtaposed festive Sichuanese, Cantonese and Taiwanese dishes with joss…
17 Jan 2022 2 mins read

Beyond generations: The enduring and nostalgic appeal of heartland shophouses

It can be difficult to discern where work ends and family time begins for the Lim family at Cheong Ann Watch Maker. After all, 60-year-old David Lim, his 58-year-old wife Sally Neo, and their 29-year-old son Shawn can be seen often hunched over, meddling with clockwork mechanisms at their workstations in the corner of their…
17 Jan 2022 6 mins read

Unwrapped: Choosing pets over babies is ‘selfish and diminishes us’, says Pope

In our weekly series Unwrapped, TheHomeGround Asia takes a closer look at major stories and happenings that impacts Singaporeans. In this episode, we examine the Pope’s comments that choosing pets over babies is “selfish and diminishes us”. Are we being selfish to choose pets over having children? Or are there larger, more pressing reasons that…
14 Jan 2022 1 min read

Divorce by Mutual Agreement – Acknowledging we are human

The much discussed amendment to the Women’s Charter, allowing married couples to divorce amicably and still remain friends was finally passed on 10 January. During the Parliamentary debate and subsequent interviews with family lawyers, much of the focus had been on the benefits of less acrimony between divorcing couples, the impact on divorce rates and…
13 Jan 2022 2 mins read

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