The many hats of the Singapore womanEvery morning at 8, Mrs Nahesh K, 33, and her husband, would drop their two daughters, aged 3 and 4, at the childcare centre on…
21 Jan 2022
4 mins read



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The many hats of the Singapore woman

Every morning at 8, Mrs Nahesh K, 33, and her husband, would drop their two daughters, aged 3 and 4, at the childcare centre on their way to work.  Their youngest, an eight-month-old boy, stays at home, under the care of her mother-in-law. He will join his sisters at he the childcare centre once he…
21 Jan 2022 4 mins read

Is Singapore ready to accept the LGBTQ+ community?

During a dialogue at the Institute of Policy Studies and S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies’ (IPS-RSIS) conference on identity held in November 2021, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong said the current age has given rise to “new tribalism”— where tribal lines or identity politics was not just drawn across racial lines, but across other markers…
11 Jan 2022 3 mins read

Envisioning schools as safe spaces for queer students

In an earlier article, we explored the different ways in which schools in Singapore perpetuate harm towards LGBTQ+ youths through a lack of clear ministry-level policies to support them, and the failure to stop discrimination from multiple parties, including teachers, school leaders and students who have been socialised to reject students who are different.  How…
13 Dec 2021 4 mins read

When the education system fails to protect the safety of every student

A young queer person schooling in conservative Singapore is likely to face a whole gamut of discrimination—from verbal abuse and bullying to the more insidious forms of ostracism, such as the fear of being outed before they are ready and the lack of acknowledgement of their existence.  For gender non-conforming student Elijah Tay, their secondary…
8 Dec 2021 7 mins read

The year of Celebrating SG Women – but did it really?

2021 has been declared as the Year of Celebrating SG Women by The Ministry of Social and Family Development, aiming to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in Singapore and seeks to rally support and change for them.  In an initiative named the ‘Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development’, governmental engagement platform REACH, The Singapore…
16 Nov 2021 6 mins read

The deafening silence of the migrant wives

2021 is the Year of Celebrating SG Women, declared Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli at its start. He said the aim is to celebrate women’s progress and potential across society as their contributions are integral to the Singapore story.  Building up to the year, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam, in…
9 Nov 2021 7 mins read

Celebrating LGBTQ+ and their achievements at work

Playwright Haresh Sharma’s gateway into the realm of theatre began with acting roles for notable playwrights like Stella Kon and theatre companies such as the Third Stage. As an undergraduate, he joined Mr Alvin Tan’s The Necessary Stage, a fun theatre group which he started at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Inspired by the…
28 Oct 2021 6 mins read

Breast Cancer Survivor: I chose life over future children

The year was 1999. Nora Ng was 30. After a long night of drinking with her friends, she stumbled into her house. As she could not hold alcohol well, she began vomiting. “That was when I felt the sharp pain in my chest but I didn’t think anything of it because I was too ‘high’…
26 Oct 2021 6 mins read

Is increasing jail term a sufficient deterrent for sexual offences against minors?

September 13, 2021. The day marks an amendment to the law to mete out harsher punishment for those who commit sexual offences against minors. Such offences include engaging in sex in the presence of minors aged between 14 and 16 or causing them to view a sexual image; or for similar activities against minors themselves, where…
7 Oct 2021 6 mins read

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