Top 5 Virtual Tours to Take in 2021Why virtual tourism? We all miss walking down the aisle – the airplane aisle that is. When you have the world’s number 1 passport, travel…
31 Dec 2020
3 mins read



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Cyprus, a land steeped in legend, beauty, romance and hospitality

Singapore and Hong Kong are set to launch their second attempt at a travel bubble on 26 May. But for wanderlust souls looking to explore further, TheHomeGround Asia brings you on a virtual journey in Through the Eyes…, where we ask expatriates in Singapore what they love most about their home countries. In this installation,…
30 Apr 2021 6 mins read

Ukraine: An overlooked gem in Eastern Europe

As world travel continues to be limited by the pandemic, TheHomeGround Asia wants to help you plan for that overseas holiday you have been yearning to take. In this series called Through the Eyes…, we explore new destinations by asking expatriates living and working in Singapore to share what they love most about their home…
12 Apr 2021 4 mins read

You May Need an Online Visa Waiver to Visit Europe Come Late-2022

Travel’s not in our to-do list for the near future but it’s still important to keep abreast of the latest updates in the industry so that we’re ready to go once the green light is given! Here’s some news that all Singaporeans should take note of if you’re dreaming of travelling to Europe post-pandemic: All…
20 Feb 2021 4 mins read

Top 5 Virtual Tours to Take in 2021

Why virtual tourism? We all miss walking down the aisle – the airplane aisle that is. When you have the world’s number 1 passport, travel becomes ingrained in your culture and taking an annual trip just becomes part of something you do. So with travel being cancelled until vaccine passports become a thing, we’ve put…
31 Dec 2020 3 mins read

COVID-19 News Updates You Might Have Missed

Singapore Updated travel measures for those travelling from Hong Kong Travellers to Singapore who have been in Hong Kong in the 14 days prior must serve a 14-day stay home notice at dedicated facilities. The new measure applies immediately. In addition, from 11.59 p.m. on 18 December, all travellers entering Singapore with a travel history…
15 Dec 2020 2 mins read

The World’s Oldest PhD Student Shares Advice

Fill Me In When faced with old age, there probably aren’t many people who’d consider a PhD being a necessity. This is particularly so in a country like Singapore, where educational achievements are deeply pinned to achieving material progression in life. But here’s a story of the world’s oldest PhD student. He is so old…
13 Dec 2020 3 mins read

Irish Court Rules that Subway Bread isn’t Bread

Fill Me In Ireland’s Supreme Court has ruled that fast food chain Subway’s bread cannot be legally defined as bread, due to its high sugar content.  “There is no dispute that the bread supplied by Subway in its heated sandwiches has a sugar content of 10 per cent of the weight of the flour included…
2 Oct 2020 2 mins read

The Best Places to Relax in Any City (Other Than the Spa)

Did you know? National Relaxation Day is an internationally celebrated annual event, held every August 15th. The day was first founded in 1985, by an American fourth-grader, Sean Moeller. The intention is simple — to take a day off for yourself to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Most of us live in…
12 Aug 2020 3 mins read

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