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What’s up with Tesla cars in Singapore?

The Tesla Model 3 may cost far more in Singapore than in the United States, but its take-up rate seems faster here than in the US. Tesla’s most basic model costs nearly S$200,000 in Singapore, largely due to the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), compared to the less than US$40,000 (S$53,750) in the US. Yet there…
27 Jan 2022 4 mins read

Dare to Dream: Lydia Look, Hollywood character actress

Many Singaporean women have big movie star dreams when they were young, but Lydia Look managed to take that extra stride and has made hers a reality.  “I was a hundred percent sure I wanted to be a Hollywood actress from the start. I hate to be so ‘cocksure’ about it, I was!” exclaims the…
13 Jan 2022 7 mins read

In Conversation With: Brent Folan, nomad and mental health advocate

Through our weekly series In Conversation With, TheHomeGround Asia amplifies and celebrates the ideas, achievements and experiences of extraordinary individuals who are creating ripples in unique ways. In the seventh installment of this series, we speak to the globetrotting ‘Rio Olympics Selfie King’ Brent Folan, who has made Singapore a place of refuge during the…
1 Jun 2021 10 mins read

Entrepreneurs in Singapore Might Never Be Like Elon Musk, and That’s Okay

“I don’t think you’ll ever have an Elon Musk. He’s not your style, right?”  The above were words spoken by Tyler Cowen – the Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics at The Center for Study of Public Choice in George Mason University – at the session on “Jobs and Skills” in this year’s Institute of…
2 Feb 2021 4 mins read

Aftermath of US Capitol Siege: What’s Been Brewing?

While the US is in the midst of recovering from the wake of the siege of the Capitol last week, here’s what’s been happening so far. Trump to be forced out of office, either through the 25th Amendment, or by impeachment Things aren’t looking too peachy for US President Donald Trump, who is facing the…
12 Jan 2021 3 mins read

World Countries Choose Word of The Year; Oxford Says There are Too Many

Fill Me In If Japan and the Oxford English Dictionary were people, Oxford would undoubtedly be the person of many words. For Word of The Year (WOTY), Japan chose a word that was blatantly tied to COVID-19, and naturally so. Oxford, on the other hand, has expanded its annual selection to a whole list in…
18 Dec 2020 4 mins read

Poor Countries Face Long Wait for Vaccines

Fill Me In When lockdowns first began, governments discouraged citizens from panic-buying. But when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, it appears that it’s every nation for themselves. Following the good news of the first few COVID-19 vaccines being approved comes less positive news of rich countries buying up a surplus of vaccines, leaving poorer…
18 Dec 2020 3 mins read

COVID-19 News Updates You Might Have Missed

Singapore Updated travel measures for those travelling from Hong Kong Travellers to Singapore who have been in Hong Kong in the 14 days prior must serve a 14-day stay home notice at dedicated facilities. The new measure applies immediately. In addition, from 11.59 p.m. on 18 December, all travellers entering Singapore with a travel history…
15 Dec 2020 2 mins read

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