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In Conversation With: Touch Therapist Vivian Lee on Agrihood

It all began when trauma-informed relational somatic touch therapist Vivian Lee, 43, started paying more attention to her own health after eating out frequently in a foreign country. While studying for her masters of fine arts in photography and video in New York, she took up yoga to maintain her health and that got her…
20 Oct 2021 7 mins read

Survey: Singaporeans split over Covid-19 as endemic, prefer loved ones to be safe

Risk-averse. That is what Singaporeans are when it comes to thoughts of their loved ones contracting Covid-19, compared to the thought of getting infected themselves.  This was one of the findings of an online TheHomeGround Asia survey carried out between 30 September and 11 October. The study polled 132 Singaporean respondents on their comfort levels…
19 Oct 2021 5 mins read

“I Started a Business for my Special Needs Child”

The SOS Kitchen  When Shilpa Sharma noticed that her eighteen-month-old son Saahil was not hitting the same milestones as her first-born daughter, she suspected something was amiss. Saahil was diagnosed with autism at the age of three.  “I was in complete denial for the first six months,” she says. “It’s a hard pill to swallow,…
23 Sep 2021 4 mins read

In Conversation With: Dr Shirlynn Ho, the voice for the dying

According to palliative care physician Shirlynn Ho, the specialty is often an overlooked area in the medical industry.  “I suppose palliative care occurs as an afterthought to other medical practices. It doesn’t have the same historical timeline as, say, cardiology,” says the current deputy head and senior consultant at the division of supportive and palliative…
21 Sep 2021 4 mins read

In Conversation With: Firdaus Sani, Descendant of the seafaring Orang Laut

Meet Firdaus Sani, a fourth-generation Orang Laut, or “Person of the Sea” in Bahasa Melayu. More than a decade before he was born, Mr Firdaus’ family was asked to evacuate from Pulau Semakau.  There was very little compensation and virtually zero consultation. Despite the efforts of Mr Firdaus’s grandfather, Rani Omar, who rallied the voices…
20 Sep 2021 6 mins read

Opinion: It’s time our disabled athletes get $1M and experience inclusion in sport

The disparity in sport recognition and monetary rewards between abled and disabled athletes has stirred much debate. Should the value of a medal be determined by its impact on Singaporeans rather than the nature of the sport? TheHomeGround Asia Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Wong, reflects on the recent debate and argues that greater inclusivity is needed in…
17 Sep 2021 5 mins read

Growing up with a special needs sibling

Having a sibling with special needs is a reality some children are born into and the parents’ attention is often occupied by the children with impairment. It is the needs of these “normal” kids that often get neglected and have their stories untold. Additionally, an often overlooked consideration is that these siblings would inherit the…
16 Sep 2021 5 mins read

Louis Ng calls for Public Consultation on Good Samaritan Food Donation Bill

Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, Mr Louis Ng, has called for a public consultation on the Good Samaritan Food Donation Bill.  Announced in September 2020, Mr Ng’s Good Samaritans Food Donation Legislation Review Committee aims to help waive the liability for food donors under certain conditions, and provide incentives for F&B establishments to…
27 Aug 2021 3 mins read

The struggles of Singapore’s buskers during pandemic times

On 7 April 2020, Singapore entered a nationwide lockdown (also known as circuit breaker) in response to the global pandemic. Millions of people were affected as shops shuttered and businesses went remote. For one group of people, however, no viable alternative was available for them to continue doing what they love. Buskers were left without…
26 Mar 2021 4 mins read

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