A Uniquely Singaporean Showcase at Expo 2020For the upcoming World Expo 2020, the Singapore Pavilion will showcase a thoughtful collection of local brands, each with their own stories to tell. TheHomeGround…
17 Sep 2021
5 mins read



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Local millennials, a bespoke jeweller and their love affair with the age-old jade

There must be something about jade. In many Asian films, jade bangles are worn on the slender wrists of the older Chinese women. Smooth and cold, the pale green stone is nothing but a prop, meant to define a character’s Asian roots, her old-fashionedness, and little else. Despite its unassuming profile, the traditional jade is…
20 Dec 2021 4 mins read

The rise of the machines: Has renotech finally come for interior designers?

They say technology is only as good as how much money and time it can save humankind. Whenever tech-enabled solutions replace less sophisticated ones, the reason is seldom a love of tech but more about our addiction to cost savings. This tendency explains so many of the decisions that were made in the name of…
25 Nov 2021 4 mins read

A Uniquely Singaporean Showcase at Expo 2020

For the upcoming World Expo 2020, the Singapore Pavilion will showcase a thoughtful collection of local brands, each with their own stories to tell. TheHomeGround Asia speaks to Candles of Light, Supermama, and The Art Faculty to find out more about the inspiration behind these true-blue Singaporean labels, the challenges they faced, and how they…
17 Sep 2021 5 mins read

Creating change, reducing fashion waste at the Renew Earth Sweat Shop

In 2020 alone, Singapore discarded 137,000 tonnes (137 million kilograms) of fashion waste, of which only four per cent is recycled, according to the National Environment Agency. If the large number is hard to fathom, that is equivalent to the weight of more than 11,000 double-decker buses.  In this second iteration of the Renew Earth…
28 Jul 2021 5 mins read

Appreciating Singapore’s hawker centres through a photographer’s lens

Singapore’s hawker culture is unique to the country, and because of its outstanding characteristics was added to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on 16 Dec 2020. Some of the older hawker centres boast a more homely aesthetic, while the newer ones cooked up a more contemporary flavour.  Taman Jurong Market…
2 Jul 2021 3 mins read

Discover the evolution of Singapore’s passports with Gil Schneider

Gil Schneider is an avid collector of passports and has amassed hundreds of them internationally in his trusty vintage suitcases. We get a sneak peek into his collection of Singapore passports, from the end of World War Two in 1945 until today. From flimsy slips of handwritten papers to state-of-the-art biometric passports, watch how our…
15 Jun 2021 1 min read

Reimagining fashion waste at Renew Earth Sweat Shop by Post-Museum

From May to August 2021, independent cultural and social space Post-Museum is organising the Renew Earth Sweat Shop for the second year running. Supported by Temasek Shophouse, they hope to bring together 50 participants to create over 60 items that reimagine the future of fashion, carry the message of fashion sustainability, and change the way…
13 May 2021 5 mins read

Creating a more diverse and inclusive world through emoji

The history of emoji spans 24 years and has evolved from its origins as a simple way to symbolise mood and emotion. Today, it is often used as a communication tool, speaking across cultures and propelling movements for social justice and inclusivity. More recently, Adobe released its Global Emoji Diversity & Inclusion Report, which explores…
11 May 2021 6 mins read

Move over cotton and leather, biofabricated textiles are the future of fashion

Mushroom, kombucha and algae might sound like a list of ingredients for a health-conscious recipe, but these living organisms are the source of a new wave of sustainable biofabrics. From plant-based leather to lab-grown silk, TheHomeGround Asia explores a buffet of planet-friendly materials that looks set to revolutionise the fashion industry. Earth Month (April) may…
10 May 2021 8 mins read

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