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Veganuary: Why do vegans receive so much flack?

Using vegans as the subject of punchlines and ridicule has become a trope of sorts in mainstream media and television. In popular American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, self-pronounced food connoisseur Charles Boyle breaks into an amusing fit when he finds out his casual lover is vegan.  This Veganuary, it suffices to say that our omnivorous readers…
21 Jan 2022 4 mins read

‘Retroskating’: The return of the bygone craze of roller skating

Out of the way, inline skaters! The roller skaters are back with a vengeance. Youths can be seen making reels of themselves shuffling backwards down the streets, overlayed with new-age R&B on social media. And with many indoor rinks shut during the pandemic, more roller skaters have been gliding into parking lots and parks. Roller…
18 Jan 2022 2 mins read

Breast Cancer Survivor: I chose life over future children

The year was 1999. Nora Ng was 30. After a long night of drinking with her friends, she stumbled into her house. As she could not hold alcohol well, she began vomiting. “That was when I felt the sharp pain in my chest but I didn’t think anything of it because I was too ‘high’…
26 Oct 2021 6 mins read

Beyond just being blue: The woman and her mental wellbeing

Mental health issues are not only significant to the individual, they also present a huge challenge to society, contributing significantly to the global burden of diseases and illnesses. They affect women and men differently. For example, women are known to put others before themselves, yet when it comes to their mental health, they tend to be able to…
12 Oct 2021 4 mins read

No longer just handmaidens to doctors: Nurses take on more leadership roles

Dr Brigitte Woo, research fellow at NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies (NUS Nursing), grew up with a nurse for a mother who inspired her to pursue nursing instead of medicine.  “She was a visionary nursing leader,” Dr Woo says. “She had a grand vision of how we would one day see nurses in…
11 Oct 2021 4 mins read

No longer just handmaidens to doctors: The changing role of nurses

The days where one might witness nurses following doctors around wards on their rounds may well be over. Luther Yiew, an Assistant Nurse Clinician at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, believes that this “role blur” taking place among healthcare teams now represents the future of the healthcare landscape.  In July 2021, Health Minister Ong Ye…
5 Oct 2021 4 mins read

Are you an Eco-Sexual and not know it?

Coined by American sexologist Annie Sprinkle, the term “eco-sexuality” refers to people who believe in viewing the Earth as a lover.  “This is an acknowledgement that there needs to be reciprocity in our relationship as a species with planet Earth,” says Associate Professor Chitra Sankaran, who specialises in eco-criticism at the National University of Singapore. …
29 Sep 2021 3 mins read

In Conversation With: Dr Shirlynn Ho, the voice for the dying

According to palliative care physician Shirlynn Ho, the specialty is often an overlooked area in the medical industry.  “I suppose palliative care occurs as an afterthought to other medical practices. It doesn’t have the same historical timeline as, say, cardiology,” says the current deputy head and senior consultant at the division of supportive and palliative…
21 Sep 2021 4 mins read

Local businesses dealt another blow with new health measures

“Not again!” was Gan Jia Xin’s first thought upon hearing of Singapore’s return to phase two (heightened alert). For the 21-year-old student, who is currently pursuing an internship, the speed and scale of the increase in cases were “quite discouraging”. “Singapore may be gearing for living with the endemic, but before we achieve that, it’s…
5 Aug 2021 5 mins read

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