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When tech companies get taken to task for the suicide of an 11-year-old

Meta Platforms and Snap Inc. that run several prominent social media apps, are being blamed for the suicide of an 11-year-old girl who became addicted to Instagram and Snapchat. This is according to the girl’s mother who has recently filed a lawsuit against the two major companies.  Even so, this is not the first incident…
24 Jan 2022 2 mins read

Veganuary: Why do vegans receive so much flack?

Using vegans as the subject of punchlines and ridicule has become a trope of sorts in mainstream media and television. In popular American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, self-pronounced food connoisseur Charles Boyle breaks into an amusing fit when he finds out his casual lover is vegan.  This Veganuary, it suffices to say that our omnivorous readers…
21 Jan 2022 4 mins read

Travel during the pandemic: Self-entitlement or a much-needed mental health therapy?

Since Covid-19 brought international travel to a screeching halt in 2020, there has been a new social phenomenon going on; “travel shaming”. People who decide to go on a trip in the midst of a global pandemic that has infected and caused the death of millions are often beset with this latest plague. With the…
21 Jan 2022 5 mins read

National Family Caregivers Month: Let’s talk about caregiving

Celebrated every November in the United States since 1997, National Family Caregivers Month recognises and honours family caregivers. While this is a special time to acknowledge all caregivers, it also offers an opportunity to raise awareness of caregiving issues, educate the community, and increase support for caregivers. As the society ages rapidly, many in Singapore…
19 Nov 2021 7 mins read

Breast Cancer Survivor: I chose life over future children

The year was 1999. Nora Ng was 30. After a long night of drinking with her friends, she stumbled into her house. As she could not hold alcohol well, she began vomiting. “That was when I felt the sharp pain in my chest but I didn’t think anything of it because I was too ‘high’…
26 Oct 2021 6 mins read

Opinion: Is therapy for everyone?

In Season 3, Episode 4 of Sex Education, Jakob Nyman tells therapist Jean Milburn, his soon-to-be co-parent, “I’m not saying that you’re not good at your job, but I’m not sure that talking can fix everyone!” He wouldn’t be the first or only one to have reservations about therapy, even in 2021. In 2020, the…
22 Oct 2021 6 mins read

In Conversation With: Touch Therapist Vivian Lee on Agrihood

It all began when trauma-informed relational somatic touch therapist Vivian Lee, 43, started paying more attention to her own health after eating out frequently in a foreign country. While studying for her masters of fine arts in photography and video in New York, she took up yoga to maintain her health and that got her…
20 Oct 2021 7 mins read

Beyond just being blue: The woman and her mental wellbeing

Mental health issues are not only significant to the individual, they also present a huge challenge to society, contributing significantly to the global burden of diseases and illnesses. They affect women and men differently. For example, women are known to put others before themselves, yet when it comes to their mental health, they tend to be able to…
12 Oct 2021 4 mins read

Lessons from my pets

Good things come to those who wait  Tuti and Yuki are a feline duo with incredible amounts of patience.  “There’s an area in the house where we do our shoots and make them wear clothes. So when we go there, Tuti and Yuki will follow us and let us do whatever we want to do…
7 Oct 2021 5 mins read

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