Kafe Kakis: Find comfort in nostalgiaThe hard blow dealt by the Covid-19 pandemic is still sorely felt by our local hawkers after 18 long months. Before the latest reopening of…
12 Aug 2021
4 mins read
Where to volunteer for a more inclusive societyWhen we saw dine-in restrictions clamp down on those upholding the life of Singapore’s food heritage and culture, residents mobilised to support local hawkers whose…
23 Jul 2021
4 mins read
10 unusual things to do in SingaporeYou are well into the year, and the novelty of going out for yet another brunch with your pals has worn off. You search ‘things…
9 Jul 2021
4 mins read


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Watchlist: 9 shows on Netflix, Viu, Disney+, Amazon Prime to usher in 2022

In the blink of an eye, 2022 is already upon us. With plenty of festive shows and highly anticipated blockbusters released during the holiday season, the ones in January may be rather muted. But then again, as we settle into the New Year, it seems to be the perfect moment to update your to-watch list…
30 Dec 2021 3 mins read

Watchlist: 10 shows to catch on Netflix, Viu and Disney+ in December

The holidays are here and there are neverending entertaining shows and films to catch on your favourite TV streaming services. From a high-budget, satirical film following two astronomers warning mankind of a catastrophic comet to an intense legal K-drama remake of season one of the BBC series Criminal Justice, we are certain Netflix, Viu and…
3 Dec 2021 3 mins read

Watchlist: 8 shows to catch on Netflix, Viu and Disney+ in November

In November, we will see not one but two members of 2PM in two very different historical dramas on Viu. We will also witness Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynold and Dwayne Johnson in an action-packed, globe-trotting heist. We are certain your favourite TV streaming services Netflix, Viu and Disney+ will have you glued in front of…
8 Nov 2021 3 mins read

Watchlist: 10 must-see shows on Netflix, Viu, and Apple TV+ in Oct 2021

It’s thrills and mystery galore on your favourite TV streaming services Netflix, Viu and Disney+ this October. From a musical dance drama on second chances to a new slasher film that pays homage to the likes of those in the heydays of the eighties, we are certain to have you hooked. The Guilty  Starring…
7 Oct 2021 3 mins read

Billie Eilish’s album Happier Than Ever chronicles her struggles that accompany fame

In her sophomore album Happier Than Ever, pop savant Billie Eilish chronicles her struggles that accompany her thrust to sudden fame and contemplates her relationship with stalkers, paparazzi, critics and the media. Our writer Sng Ler Jun takes a journey with her through her music to find out how she manages to sound so self-assured despite…
15 Sep 2021 3 mins read

Watchlist: 8 must see shows and films on Netflix, Viu and Apple TV+ in Sept 2021

An uncertain 2021 looks heading for a wet finish, with the skies opening up practically every day over Singapore, and flash floods becoming all too common. How about staying indoors a bit more? And maybe plan out a proper binge-watching schedule? Check out TheHomeGround Asia’s recommendations for this month.  As the nation braces itself for…
3 Sep 2021 4 mins read

Watchlist: Top 8 Shows to watch in August 2021

In doing our civic duty to minimise our outdoor activities this August, here’s our list of top 8 shows to watch in the comfort of our homes: For Netflix-Fans The Chair  While waiting for Killing Eve to be back with its fourth and final season, here’s another show to give us a dose of…
3 Aug 2021 4 mins read

Watchlist: Top 7 shows for your viewing pleasure in July 2021

We have quite the selection of shows lined up this month, with every genre imaginable available. From science fiction thrillers to teen dramas and slice-of-life romances, July is jam-packed with fun and action for every viewer. Here are our top seven shows to mark the seventh month of the year, as we say cheers to…
5 Jul 2021 4 mins read

Making a living out of fantasy, a reality, as a professional Dungeon Master

Dungeons and Dragons is a roleplaying game that is making a comeback in Singapore – and now you can pay to play by hiring professional Dungeon Masters to run the game for you. What is it like to make a living out of bringing fantasy worlds to life? And what can storytelling games add to…
22 Jun 2021 8 mins read

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