Has Covid killed cinemas in Singapore as we know them?

When was the last time you managed to catch a blockbuster at the cinema after the Covid19 circuit breaker ended in May 2020? If your answer is “never”, then you are not alone. The pandemic has had a substantial impact on the film industry in 2020 and 2021 and across the world to varying degrees,…

Crew Eats: Team at Burnt Ends Hospitality Group share go-to places for a bite

2022 is a promising year for the one Michelin-starred barbeque restaurant Burnt Ends. Having opened its doors at Teck Lim Road in 2013, which boasts an open kitchen concept and customers can witness chefs grill, smoke, barbeque and bake in the formidable four-tonne, dual cavity oven with four elevation grills, Burnt Ends has recently relocated…

The caning debate: To smack or not to smack

It may range from a quick smack on the fingers, to a full-fledged caning on the buttocks. For a long time, the debate has raged on — does such physical punishment have a place in parenting?  While the Pope says it is ok “as long as it is done with dignity”, many experts say the…

When tech companies get taken to task for the suicide of an 11-year-old

Meta Platforms and Snap Inc. that run several prominent social media apps, are being blamed for the suicide of an 11-year-old girl who became addicted to Instagram and Snapchat. This is according to the girl’s mother who has recently filed a lawsuit against the two major companies.  Even so, this is not the first incident…

MAKAN WARS – Texas Chicken vs Popeyes

In this episode of MAKAN WARS, we pit two chicken restaurants Texas Chicken and Popeyes against each other to see which makes the better-fried chicken. Both are well known for their delicious fried chicken and we decided to put their famous dishes to the taste test. Watch as our hosts Adi Rahman and Kevin Wong…

Veganuary: Why do vegans receive so much flack?

Using vegans as the subject of punchlines and ridicule has become a trope of sorts in mainstream media and television. In popular American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, self-pronounced food connoisseur Charles Boyle breaks into an amusing fit when he finds out his casual lover is vegan.  This Veganuary, it suffices to say that our omnivorous readers…

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MAKAN WARS – Texas Chicken vs PopeyesIn this episode of MAKAN WARS, we pit two chicken restaurants Texas Chicken and Popeyes against each other to see which makes the better-fried chicken.…
24 Jan 2022
1 min read

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