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When public housing falls short of the Singapore Dream

Build-To-Order (BTOs) flats are the Singaporean equivalent of the American Dream. These days, young Singaporeans are “dangling” BTOs before proposing marriage, and some sit on these million-dollar nest eggs that currently take a decade to incubate, following the changes made in the Minimum Order Period (MOP) requirements.  But just like the American dream, the nation’s…
20 Jan 2022 4 mins read

Unwrapped: Why many abuse those merely carrying out their duties

In our weekly series Unwrapped, TheHomeGround Asia takes a closer look at major stories and happenings that impact Singaporeans. The number of cases of people abusing those in the service industry for merely doing their jobs have spiked. In this week’s episode, we examine why so many are abusive towards front liners such as nurses,…
20 Jan 2022 1 min read

MIDNIGHT MAKAN – Good Bites at Bishan Stadium

Here at Midnight Makan, we travel around Singapore after midnight in search for food and finding simple foods with great taste. Located in a small corner at Level 3 of Bishan Sports Centre is the heartland’s very own hidden gem Good Bites Café. It aims to serve delicious fusion western dishes at affordable prices and…
20 Jan 2022 1 min read

Churning out award-winning plays in just 24 hours

Twenty-four hours … or if you want to count it to the last second, 86,400 seconds. As the hours turned to minutes and seconds, the participants put their thoughts on paper, hoping they would not suffer writer’s block. And after battling time, fatigue and sleepiness, Ms Amanda Chong and Ms Sarah Zafirah emerged victorious in…
20 Jan 2022 2 mins read

Surviving being ‘non-essential’ in the time of Covid-19

It was in June 2020 that The Sunday Times published a bold survey listing artists as the single most non-essential job in “keeping Singapore going” amid the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.  The Internet community took to social media to denounce the framing of the survey. It also expressed concerns over how the findings could degrade several…
18 Jan 2022 5 mins read

Beyond generations: The enduring and nostalgic appeal of heartland shophouses

It can be difficult to discern where work ends and family time begins for the Lim family at Cheong Ann Watch Maker. After all, 60-year-old David Lim, his 58-year-old wife Sally Neo, and their 29-year-old son Shawn can be seen often hunched over, meddling with clockwork mechanisms at their workstations in the corner of their…
17 Jan 2022 6 mins read

Unwrapped: Choosing pets over babies is ‘selfish and diminishes us’, says Pope

In our weekly series Unwrapped, TheHomeGround Asia takes a closer look at major stories and happenings that impacts Singaporeans. In this episode, we examine the Pope’s comments that choosing pets over babies is “selfish and diminishes us”. Are we being selfish to choose pets over having children? Or are there larger, more pressing reasons that…
14 Jan 2022 1 min read

Divorce by Mutual Agreement – Acknowledging we are human

The much discussed amendment to the Women’s Charter, allowing married couples to divorce amicably and still remain friends was finally passed on 10 January. During the Parliamentary debate and subsequent interviews with family lawyers, much of the focus had been on the benefits of less acrimony between divorcing couples, the impact on divorce rates and…
13 Jan 2022 2 mins read

MIDNIGHT MAKAN – Dessert First at Bugis

In this episode of Midnight Makan, follow our vloggers to Dessert First 糖水先 at Bugis! From popular Taiwanese cold desserts like Snow Ice to hot desserts such as glutinous rice balls, watch our vloggers satisfy their midnight cravings as they try as many desserts as possible at Dessert First.   Join the conversations on THG’s Facebook and Instagram,…
13 Jan 2022 1 min read

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