Growing Home: A look into the future of Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027)

  • Exhibitions and installations by over 80 artists and arts groups was on display in lawns and galleries at The Arts House as part of Growing Home: an interactive showcase on highlights of Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027).
  • The National Arts Council is hosting a roadshow of artworks built on three strategic thrusts and seeking public feedback before  Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027) is launched later this year.
  • TheHomeGround Asia speaks to the artists, curators, and people involved in this display to find out more about the roadmap for developing arts in Singapore.
Growing Home, a roadshow to seek public feedback on Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027) was launched at The Arts House. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)
Growing Home, a roadshow to seek public feedback on Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027) was launched at The Arts House. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

An ‘odd’ otter, digital art generator, and a special edition watch strap. These were just some of the over 80 artworks on display at The National Arts Council’s (NAC) public roadshow, Growing Home: A showcase about The Arts Plan and You. 

Held at The Arts House from 6 to 15 January 2023, the roadshow seeks to demonstrate the future of Singapore’s arts and invites the public to explore various artworks and participate in activities, as well as share how they view the next iteration of The Arts Plan (TAP).

Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027) provides a roadmap for developing the arts in the next five years. Following consultations with stakeholders in the art community and the public, the roadmap has since transitioned to engaging public feedback ahead of its launch later this year.

“This week, we present a physical roadshow demonstrating the future of Singapore’s arts with greater inclusivity, vibrancy, and creative opportunities, and look forward to the insights collected,” said Chief Executive Officer of the National Arts Council (NAC) Mrs Rosa Daniel.

The roadshow is situated across two floors and front lawn of The Arts House and has been designed around the three strategic thrusts of TAP: a Distinctive City, a Connected Society, and a Creative Economy. The artworks on exhibition provide an insight into what we can expect as part of the Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027). 

A Distinctive City 

Vibrancy is the keyword that helms the first thrust – a Distinctive City. Under it, three key priority actions are measured; diversifying and unlocking spaces; activating places; infusing arts everywhere.

An example of this vision was displayed in a transparent case on the front lawn of The Arts House inspired by what a distinctive city means. Sculptured by visual artist Howie Kim with set design by Ineza Ng, Odd the Otter, is a miniature sculpture where what the sculpture reveals, is all a matter of perspective.

Our SG Arts Plan
Ms Ineza Ng sharing about how she designed the set of ‘Odd The Otter’, in the display for A Distinctive City. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

“I personified the otters by thinking about the spaces that we wanted to be in. How would these otters feel in this space that they can call their own? This is the idea of ‘a distinctive city’ to me. It’s about being in a space where you are welcome to fill it with things that make you feel happy or spark joy. I added elements to make it feel more vibrant and lively and what I would like to feel in Singapore,” said Ms Ng.

Our SG Arts Plan
A closer look into Odd’s surroundings reveals a new detail from your viewing perspective. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

Additionally, the roadshow kicked off alongside other festive events such as the Light to Night Festival and Singapore Art Week 2023 where visitors can envision how the city can be invigorated by the arts with surrounding displays set around the Civic District.

A Connected Society

The TAP art generator imagines what an art collaboration would look like between local artists and the public, to explore what an inclusive and connected society through arts means.

Visitors are invited to select five words on how the arts make them feel when a unique piece of art is created and exhibited as part of a digital collaborative art wall. The collaboration features the works of 12 visual artists like Sarah Choo King and Sujak Rahman. 

Our SG Arts Plan
Over 45 artworks were on display on the theme of inclusivity in the thrust about a connected society. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

“The TAP arts generation is the first of its kind to connect local arts practitioners with you (the public) in an act of co-creation. The point of this is to get to know and co-create with local practitioners in a game of chance,” said its creator Mr Teo Ken-hin.

Our SG Arts Plan
Mr Teo Ken-hin explaining the arts generator he created which allows for the public to co-create with local visual artists. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

A Creative Economy

On display in the Blue Room of The Arts House were artist collaborations with major brands and fashion labels to glimpse the opportunities that await between the arts and the marketplace. 

Items on display included a special edition calfskin watch strap developed by local sneaker customiser Mr Sabotage with watcher manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen, and a series of dresses by local musician Inch Chua with fashion label AKINN.

“Being able to collaborate with people outside of music is awesome and more importantly, being financially sustainable is also very important to the creative industry. Creativity belongs in every economy but economics also needs to be in the creative industry. This room is filled with amazing success stories of when art and money come together to be sustainable in all shapes and forms,” said Ms Chua.

Our SG Arts Plan
Local sneaker customiser Mr Sabotage (second from right) and musician Inch Chua (first from right) sharing on how collaborations can sustainably boost the viability of the creative economy. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)
Our SG Arts Plan
Public feedback is being sought through the current and an upcoming February roadshow before the Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027) is launched in Q2 2023. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

The roadshow at The Arts House concludes this weekend on 15 January and will travel to One Punggol Celebration Square for residents to witness select artworks from 10 to 12 February.   

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