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In Conversation With: Lim Lee Lee, blind theatre artist championing disability arts

For visually impaired Lim Lee Lee, life is about overcoming all odds. From copywriting and motivational speaking, to acting and producing for film and theatre, the odds she faced were never an excuse for the disabled artist to achieve any of her dreams. “Nothing happens by chance. I’ve worked in many industries that blind people…
20 Oct 2022 5 mins read

In Conversation With: Fong Hoe Fang, founder of Ethos Books

In many ways, the freedom that founder of Ethos Books Fong Hoe Fang yearns for in exploration, stories, and ultimately his life of activism and books is often echoed by his desire to ride a motorcycle “into the sunset”. “I think it’s more of a sense of freedom to be able to just jump on…
6 Oct 2022 7 mins read

In Conversation With: Adele Lau, founder of animal-assisted interactions SG

Ms Adele Lau recounts how, as a teenager, the presence of animals helped her feel less anxious in social settings. “As I grew into my teenage years, I realised that I was an introvert, and I found it uncomfortable to make small talk with unfamiliar people, but being in the presence of dogs has always…
20 Sep 2022 7 mins read

In Conversation With: Viaano Spruyt, founder and CEO of Huddlehumans

In an increasingly digitalised society, almost every aspect of your personal life is publicly broadcasted online and under the scrutiny of others. The fact that this had personally traumatised Mr Viaano Spruyt that he, then a 19 year-old intern waiting to be called up for National Service, created a virtual space for youths to huddle…
11 Jul 2022 6 mins read

In Conversation With: Harold Koh, CEO and founder of Nextevo

From working with cars in the Philippines to overseeing pineapple farms in Indonesia, 58-year-old Harold Koh now finds himself coming full circle. He is back in his hometown Singapore, building his fabric manufacturing company that is centred around one key word – sustainability. Today, Mr Koh is the CEO and founder of Nextevo, a fabric…
27 Jun 2022 6 mins read

In Conversation With: Ler Jie Wei, 5th generation of Hunchback Bak Chor Mee

There’s an overwhelming sense of pride when 36-year-old Ler Jie Wei talks about the running of his family business that is over a hundred years old.  It was his great-great grandfather who started selling bowls of noodles with soup in the 1920s.  Chen Liang Fu, a Teochew immigrant from China’s Chao Zhou city, sold bowls…
13 Jun 2022 6 mins read

In Conversation With: Anna Razak, Malaysian Taxidermist and Artist

When you think of taxidermy outside of the museum, perhaps the image that surfaces in your mind is that of a gruff-looking hunter in a bloodstained apron, standing next to hulking deer and bear heads mounted on an antique wall. Or you might picture a goth woman adorned with trinkets made from the bones of…
30 May 2022 6 mins read

In Conversation With: A Sankar, Founder of Herpetological Society Singapore

From The Jungle Book’s Kaa to Harry Potter’s Nagini, snakes have not enjoyed the best image in human literature and media. But Sankar Ananthanarayanan is seeking to repeal their undeserved bad name in Singapore — which, in fact, is home to an incredible diversity of reptiles and amphibians.  “Herpetology is the study of reptiles and…
31 Mar 2022 4 mins read

In Conversation With: Malcolm Ong, founder of The Fish Farmer

While venturing into the world of aquaculture might seem like taking a leap of faith into the unknown to most people, it was a homecoming for Mr Malcolm Ong. Having grown up just two minutes away from the beach, it is no wonder Mr Ong, 58, has such a deep love for the open sea.…
24 Mar 2022 5 mins read

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