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Fashion models: Are magazines and runway shows going global or staying local?

Fashion models hailing from other lands are no longer allowed to work in Nigeria under the law. This is the country’s move to take back the narrative of representation in the country’s native population, protect them in the fashion industry, and develop its talent pool. Yet, without enacting a similar legislation, the demand for local…
4 Oct 2022 4 mins read

Celebrating being a proud and self-reliant Muslim community in modern Singapore

As a leading global trading and financial hub, Singapore has the infrastructure and expertise that international corporations need to effectively access other ASEAN markets. And in April this year, Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong said the country needs to achieve deep industry and business transformation, and build a bench of successful Singapore enterprises…
9 Jul 2022 5 mins read

Malay representation, international audiences, and family: coming up in Getaway S2

Getaway is back for season two. Just days after airing the season finale, founder of LGBTQ+ publication Dear Straight People Sean Foo and his team are back at the drawing board and working on the script for the second instalment of the web series. Across the five episodes of season one, Getaway managed to rake…
30 Jun 2022 5 mins read

Local designer called out for remarks against minority women 6 months later

She claimed that Chinese women are more progressive as compared to their Malay and Indian counterparts. She even claimed that she had done her research on the emancipation of Asian women. So those were the reasons why founder and designer of local womenswear label Ong Shunmugam Priscilla Shunmugam, 40, justified her preference of designing cheongsams…
25 Mar 2022 3 mins read

Opinion: Time to de-weaponise the term “privilege”

Remember the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”? Well, not any more. In what has been described as an “embattled age”, anything can be turned into a weapon, including words. Once it is out there, it is difficult to take back the words that have been “weaponised”,…
19 Feb 2022 6 mins read

When conservative will dictates creative direction

The online advertisement by Samsung Singapore was to promote its wearable tech devices. Called Listen to your Heart, it showcased the warm relationships of four couples: an ex-convict father and his daughter, a woman battling depression and her fiancée, two best friends and a mother and her cross-dressing son. The 4-minute video promotes the South…
15 Feb 2022 6 mins read

The power of humbleness and togetherness in this New Year

Chinese New Year is soon upon us and as early as a month before, commercials and films celebrating Chinese culture have made their way into our homes and lives through the TV, the computer and the mobile phone. We see how people are moved by these contents, and in just 60 to 90seconds, there are…
27 Jan 2022 3 mins read

British papers paired joss paper with Chinese New Year recipe – a taboo for Chinese

British Sunday paper The Observer’s lifestyle feature on Chinese New Year foods on 16 January has many Asian readers and netizens asking “Who died?” Headlined “Char siu pork and General Tso’s golden hake – recipes for the lunar new year”, its prop stylist Pene Parker has juxtaposed festive Sichuanese, Cantonese and Taiwanese dishes with joss…
17 Jan 2022 2 mins read

When inclusive language matters

From the time she entered the working world, Shru, 23, learnt that as an ethnic minority at the office, she needs to jump over extra hurdles.  It was a three-month internship then, and her first opportunity to work at a big public firm while she was in her second year of university. Her fellow interns…
12 Jan 2022 5 mins read

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