Rounding Out 2020: What Have People Been Searching for On Google & Yahoo?


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With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to search for, and retrieve, any type of information these days. And we do mean anything and everything! Plus, with 2020 being the year where all of us have been stuck either at home during the lockdown, or in the country with leisure travel restrictions yet to be lifted – what exactly have people been searching for (read: entertaining themselves with)?

Let’s face it, how often have you replied to a question with “just Google it”? Here’s a look at the top searches on Google and Yahoo, the two most popular search engines:


Trending recipes


During the period of the lockdown, it seemed as if everyone around us miraculously transformed into circuit bakers overnight. Our Instagram feeds were filled with the exploding Dalgona trend, various loaves of banana bread, oodles of muah chee cooked in a rice cooker, and so on.

Ranked in terms of popularity, the most trending recipes searched on Google were banana cake, Dalgona coffee, brownie, muah chee, and burnt cheesecake. Now, the question is: where have all these bakers disappeared to, and why aren’t they continuing to feed our stomachs and souls?!

Trending deliveries


As you might remember, the closure of bubble tea shops caused a great hoo-ha within our shores. Indeed, Singaporeans live and breathe bubble tea – often to an insurmountable degree. It’s hence maybe quite natural that ‘bubble tea delivery’ placed second on the trending deliveries list; perhaps contributed in part by the last-minute mad rush for the sweet drink before the closure of shops.

Grocery delivery placed at no. 1, with fast food, cake, and steamboat deliveries clinching the other spots in the top 5.

Trending international personalities

Now, this list is an interesting one. Aside from the pandemic, 2020 also saw a historic election war between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Joe Biden came out top on this list, followed by Kim Jong Un, Kamala Harris, and Boris Johnson.


You’ll never guess who came in fifth – it’s none other than oppa Hyun Bin, the only non-politician to make the list! Hyun Bin is a South Korean actor, who has acted in various Korean dramas such as Secret Garden, Memories of the Alhambra, as well as the recent romantic saga, Crash Landing on You. Has the Korean heartthrob stolen many hearts in our humble city? The results say it all!


Trending movies and TV shows



Korean fever has indeed gripped our shores. With ‘Dynamite’ by BTS on repeat, it seems as if Singaporeans have turned to both music and TV shows to live out their oppa dreams. South Korean movies and series took nine of the top 10 most searched movies and TV shows in Singapore, with the only exception being the Hollywood remake of Mulan. The top two spots were occupied by Crash Landing on You and World of the Married (if you haven’t watched this yet, please do – it’s a mind-blowing web of lies, betrayal, and sheer on-the-edge-of-your-seat entertainment!). 

Parasite dominated the Oscars this year by sweeping multiple awards, and coming in third place on this list. Other contenders on the top 10 list included Running Man, Itaewon Class, Ever Night, Dr. Romantic 2, and The King: Eternal Monarch.

Trending events


Sporting events around the world were cancelled, or played to no audiences; but this didn’t stop Singaporeans from wanting a piece of the action! The English Premier League (EPL) was the most searched, followed closely by the United States Presidential Election. 

Other than the 2020 Singaporean General Election and the Singapore National Day Parade coming in fourth and seventh on the top 10 list respectively, the other most searched events all revolved around sports: the NBA (2019-20 season), UEFA Champions League, Australian Open, FA Cup, French Open, and US Open.

Funny what Singaporeans prioritise, huh!

Common trending searches between Google and Yahoo

Breakout politician


Ah, Jamus Lim – the charming individual from the Workers’ Party that warmed the cockles of all our hearts. Not surprisingly, he has come out top in searches on both Google and Yahoo (sorry, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong!). Whether it be millennials swept away by his eloquent presentations, or aunties captivated by his suave and cheeky looks – needless to say, Jamus Lim is a sensation that has captivated the entire city.

Biggest search term in 2020

Frivolities aside, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is inevitably at the top of everyone’s minds. This translated to it being the term that’s most searched in 2020. Hang in tight everyone, we can fight this together! 

So, what have YOU searched for in 2020? Brb, we’re getting back to our Korean dramas – wake us up when this year is over!


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