Play This Story: The Book of Red Shadows

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You wake up amnesiac, trapped inside a machine attached to probes, monitors and sensors. A civil servant named Tan tells you that you are freshly deceased. However, something called the Book of Red Shadows is keeping you from being brain dead for the equivalent of 10 days. You are now part of the government’s secret Red Shadow Project, whose aim—as far as you have been told—is to change the fate of certain people destined to die tragic or horrific deaths.

Using only a computer interface, you need to decide which random strangers will live or die, and then perform tasks to be able to literally make that decision happen. Survive long enough within the system and you will be given the same chance to rejoin the land of the living. However, with a rogue hacker threatening to destroy the system and an unknown digital presence—some form of consciousness trapped within Project Red Shadow’s massive AI—stalking you… you are going to have to get real creative in order to be able to make it out of there alive.

The clock is ticking. Can you manage to survive for ten days, uncover who you really are and write yourself back to life? Or will you be erased from existence in the most gruesome way imaginable?

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Virtual Event

Singapore National Arts Council


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