Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Travel Toiletries Made By Homegrown Local Businesses


Ever thought about how much waste you produce each time you travel overseas? From travel-sized shampoo bottles to plastic toothbrushes, the amount of disposables travellers use on trips is tremendous and we need to strive to become more conscious nomads with a flair for saving the environment.Ā 

Thankfully, there are sustainable business right here in Singapore that caters to those who want to start living a zero-waste lifestyle. With that, here are 4 eco-friendly travel toiletries from local businesses that can get you started on!

Bar Soap by SoapriseĀ 


Packing bar soaps on a trip is a great way to save valuable space in your luggage while being environmentally-friendly at the same time. Just like packaged liquid soap, there are now many bar soap options to choose from according to your skin or hair type. Whether you have dry or oily skin, or perhaps damaged or textured hair, youā€™re bound to find something for you.Ā 

Switching to bar soap eliminates the ā€˜waste factorā€™ that comes with buying bottled soap. More often than not, certain parts of a plastic shampoo bottle canā€™t even be recycled. With bar soap, theyā€™re typically packaged with paper or cardboard material, which can be recycled or composted.Ā 

Shop Body Bar Soaps and Shampoo/Conditioner Bars on Soaprise.

Menstrual Cups from Freedom CupsĀ 


Unwanted visits from ā€˜Aunt Floā€™ while on vacation are the worst. While this may be inevitable sometimes, there is an easy solution for it. Menstrual cups are a zero-waste alternative to pads that are free from toxins, perfumes, and bleaches that you may find on sanitary napkins. It is made of silicone and inserted just like tampons, and are shaped like a funnel to collect period fluid. Menstrual cups are also known to not cause any leakage. Theyā€™re also pretty small, making it easy to carry around in your travel bag.

While the price point may seem hefty at first, menstrual cups can last up to a decade when cared for properly, which actually saves you more money than you think. Since it is reusable, you also ultimately reduce your packaging and material waste. Not only does it hold more liquid, but menstrual cups are also known to not cause any leakage. More comfortable periods while saving the environment ā€” whatā€™s not to love?Ā 

Shop menstrual cups from Freedom Cups.

Bamboo Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Tabs from The Sustainability Project


Bamboo, in general, is a material and natural resource that is safe for our environment. Unlike plastic toothbrushes, the bamboo handles can be recycled or even composted after use. It also doesnā€™t compromise on quality and is just as good as plastic toothbrushes. The problem with plastic ones is that they are rather difficult to be recycled and take over 400 years to decompose, leaving them in landfills indefinitely.Ā 

Additionally, toothpaste tablets or tooth powder are also a great alternative for packaged toothpaste. For tablets, all you have to do is chew it, run your brush with water, and brush as per normal. For powder, sprinkle a tad bit of product on the toothbrush, and run it in water as well. Lightweight, easy-to-use, and absolutely zero-waste.Ā 

Shop bamboo toothbrushes and tooth powder from The Sustainability Project.

Washable Facial Pads by Bamboo Straw GirlĀ 


Say goodbye to single-use cotton pads and make the switch to reusable facial rounds instead! Did you know that conventional disposable cotton pads that weā€™re familiar with are extremely harmful for the environment? They are usually made with harsh chemicals, use a large amount of water to produce, and would easily be thrown in a landfill after usage since it cannot be recycled.Ā 

Unlike their disposable counterparts, reusable cotton pads will not only help you minimise your waste and impact on the cotton industry, but they are also easy to bring along when travelling and to look after. All you have to do is place them in a mesh bag and pop those right in the washing machine at 40Ā°C to eliminate bacteria.Ā 

Shop Reusable Cotton Facial Rounds from Bamboo Straw Girl.




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