Fortnite’s Coral Castle Rumoured to be Atlantis Area


Fortnite’s latest Point Of Interest (POI) Coral Castle has left fans of the battle royale game thirsting for more information. This comes shortly after trailers revealing that two prominent characters from comic books and a recent movie would be in the game — Aquaman and Black Manta.

Fans have since been left reeling about whether Aquaman and Black Manta may be what’s coming in the way of big boss fights during Chapter 2 Season 3 of the game. The season was first released in the middle of July, at around the same time as when a Black Manta skin was made available in the game’s item shop. An Aquaman outfit was also released, to be acquired through means of weekly challenges.

Two weeks after, this was followed by the official reveal of Coral Castle as the new underwater POI in the game, leading to a palpable correlation between the watery area and the game’s newly playable characters.

Much like the well-known animosity between Batman and the Joker, Aquaman and Black Manta, share a classic hero and villain relationship in DC Comics’ comic books. The characters have also appeared in the Aquaman film which released in December 2018, raking in a whopping USD$1.148 billion at the box office.

In most origin stories, Aquaman is the king of an underwater city called Atlantis. Aquaman’s archenemy, Black Mantis is a technology-wielding villain whose motives are often hidden behind his menacing large helmet with gleaming red eyes.

Black Manta Has Arrived | Fortnite

The appearance of both characters in Fortnite timed with the unveiling of an underwater POI is what has led fans to wonder whether Coral City is, in fact, meant to be an Atlantis-like area.

Coral Castle was revealed across two weeks with water levels that consistently lowered on the Fortnite map. And as fans pondered what was happening, data miners began to uncover the hints of a new underwater area in the game.

During the two-week period, data miners and game geeks continuously lowered their graphic settings until the underwater point was found to be at the northwest corner of the map, with its entrance located where there was once a whirlpool near Sweaty Sands.

Coral Castle is reportedly loaded with varying chests, seaweed, and ruins for players to collect. Dot Esports advised that it may be best for players to err on the side of caution when exploring Fortnite POIs in-game. The gaming publication also pointed out that the POI’s new establishment would mean more other players exploring the area, leaving players at higher risk of being attacked by opponents.

The site, which also publishes gaming guides, warned, “you too can log-in and explore the Coral Castle, but be aware that you won’t be the only one. Everyone wants a piece of the Ancient Kingdom.”

With the little information that has been revealed by Fortnite thus far, it is unknown whether there is an Aquaman or a Black Manta boss in the new zone, Coral Castle.

However, fans can still immerse themselves in Coral Castle’s potential to be Atlantis by unlocking and donning the Aquaman skin by completing missions in Season 3 of the game. They can also purchase the Black Manta skin in the Fortnite item shop for 1,500 V-Bucks.

Players can even unlock an Arthur Curry variant of the Aquaman skin — it looks just like Jason Momoa as Aquaman — by diving over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge while wearing the Aquaman outfit. It remains to be seen if a skin of David Hyde, the alter ego of Black Manta, based on the likeness of actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, will join Arthur in the world of Fortnite.




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