US Election: The World Reacts to Biden’s Presidential Win

Gayatri Malhotra/Unsplash
Gayatri Malhotra/Unsplash

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Thousands of Americans took to the streets after Joe Biden was announced the President-elect for the United States of America after gaining 290 electoral votes.

How are Americans celebrating it?

As soon as Biden was announced the winner, cities across the US went wild and broke into massive celebrations where they cheered, banged pots and pans, and honked car horns as they celebrate the exciting news.

From Atlanta to New York, thousands were people were on the streets as they marked this historic moment. Within hours of the results, a huge crowd was also spotted on Black Lives Matter Plaza outside the White House, where supporters cheered and held a balloon representing Trump’s face and hair.

In Times Square, New York, people danced and had a good time celebrating the loss of Trump, the only one-term serving president after George W Bush.

After four nail biting days, in Pennsylvania, the state where Biden was born, celebrations erupted as soon as he was announced the winner. The streets were filled with people from different walks of life who came together to celebrate the momentous moment.

Celebrities also took it to their social media to celebrate Biden’s win. Basketball stars LeBron James shared a meme of Trump’s signature one-liner “You’re Fired” while celebrities John Legend and Chrissy Teigen showed themselves dancing to the “FDT” song by YG.

Miley Cyrus’s song, Party In The USA has also seen a spike in sales following news of Biden presidency.

How are world leaders reacting to the news?

Biden’s victory signifies a new America and a new leader in the White House who is set to relook the country’s policies. Here are the reactions of some world leaders to the news.


Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong congratulated both Biden and Kamala Harris on their win and hopes that the US will continue to count on Singapore as a partner and a friend.


PM Scott Morrison wrote on Twitter that he wishes the duo success and will working with them closely as they face the world’s many challenges together.


PM Justin Trudeau expressed congratulations to the Biden Harris campaign, highlighting how the two countries are close friends, allies, and partners. He is looking forward to working with both Biden and Harris.

Under Trump’s administrations, Trudeau and Trump had clashed over trade and have introduced tariffs on goods. It is expected that under Biden, the relations may improve.


PM Frank Bainimarama was one of the first foreign leaders to congratulate Biden on his win. His message focused on the climate emergency and how he hopes US will re-enter the Paris agreement once again.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s PM Jacintha Arden, who won a re-election in October for a second term took to Twitter to congratulate the duo and is very much looking forward to develop a closer relationship under the Biden administration.


Unlike the other leaders, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (or AMLO, as he is called) have said that he will only be sending congratulations once all the legal matters are resolved.

The end of Trump nation

Biden’s win also represents the end of Trump’s war on democracy where Biden is looking to reshape and rework America to be a progressive but welcoming country like it once was.

Through out his presidency, Trump has over and over again caused racial tensions, twisting facts to favour it. But after Biden’s historic win, it may be time to say goodbye to four years of populism and administrative turmoil under Trump’s administration.

How are Trump supporters reacting to the news?

On the flipside, another group of Americans are unhappy with the results and back Trump’s allegations that there were voter frauds, determined that Trump has actually won the presidency election.

Unlike in states like New York, the mood in Michigan State was rather sombre. Trump loyal supports were chanting “This is not over” and “We will be here forever”.

In Arizona, where the tides went against the incumbent president, Trump supporters shouted “Trump won!” and “We will win in court”, referring to the countless legal challenges that Trump has filed. Some supporters were also quick to blame the media for declaring Biden the winner.

Celebrating the first woman vice president: Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris becomes the first woman vice president in USA, making it a historic moment for the country. Not only on that, she also becomes the first black and South Asian American woman to become the vice president in US. She is also the daughter of immigrant’s parents – making her victory a very special one.

In her victory speech, Harris pledged that though she may be the first woman to be vice president, she definitely wouldn’t be the last.

Her win has also allowed more people of colour to be represented which is desperately lacking in today’s day and age.

What her win means for women around the world?

No woman has ever been president in the United States but with Harris breaking the boundaries and being the first female vice president, hopefully it won’t be long before a woman is elected as president.

15-year old Baluchi Okeke, who is interested in being a politician, said, “I don’t usually see teachers that are Black, and to see a vice-president that (is) Black, it (is) so inspiring. I always wanted to veer into politics, and this empowered me.”

“I feel like not only me, but many girls my age — many Black girls, many Brown girls, many Hispanic girls — feel exactly how I am… that we could do better and that our colour doesn’t limit us.”

Harris’ position in American politics has impacted the lives of girls in the country and now as vice president-elect, it may further open countless doors of hope and possibilities for them.


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