Dressing for Those Warm and Rainy Summer Days

Tore F/Unsplash
Tore F/Unsplash

Monsoon season comes twice a year in Singapore: from December to early March, and then again from June to September. Dressing for rainy days are tricky enough as it is, but throw in heat and humidity into the mix and itā€™s enough to make you groan.

Keeping yourself stylish and dry takes careful curation of your outfits. The trend of raincoats and welly boots did not kick off here despite the daily pours, so adapting to the weatherā€™s unpredictable tendencies through your fashion choices is your best bet. Beat the gloomy morning blues by putting together a sleek, rain-proof outfit with these tips.

Keep your feet dry

Wet feet can be a literal damper to your day. The itchy feeling of wet socks as you squish your way through work and being confronted with smelly feet when you get home is not desirable at all.

Rain boots might get you a few stares here, so go for jelly flats or leather boots. Patent leather and synthetic leather are good for keeping the water out when youā€™re puddle jumping. On casual days, rubber slides and Birkenstocks are trendy and come in plenty of colours and prints.

Sneakers can hold up their own in light rain if you pick the right ones ā€“ high tops with cotton and suede uppers arenā€™t a good choice. Brands like Terton also came up with what they call ā€œrain sneakersā€, which are basically rain boots masquerading as high-top sneakers. They use waterproof rubber for the shoe, coupled with regular shoelaces to keep it stylish.

Pay attention to your summery pieces

On rainy days, swap the bell bottoms and culottes for summer dresses and skirts to keep the legs airy. Off shoulder tops and scarfs are smart choices for those who are sensitive to temperature changes. Wet pant legs are not comfortable or professional.

For guys, youā€™re in luck if your office allows dress shorts or khakis. Otherwise, go for tailored pants that donā€™t drag on the floor as theyā€™ll collect water from puddles. Water spots also show up lesser on darker colors, so you might want to avoid that crisp white shirt if the weather forecast looks rainy.

While jeans might be okay for light showers, we donā€™t recommend wearing them for heavy downpours as wet denim can soak up a lot of water and take a long time to dry.

The layered look

A slight temperature drop can be a bit chilly and you donā€™t want to risk getting sick. Throw on a loose cardigan or summer blazer to keep things profesh. Sweaters and hoodies are comfy, act as another layer of protection against the rain, and can be placed in your office as daily wear if your colleagues love the air-con a bit too much.

A wool cape might also do the trick, elevating your look with a flirty edge. Plus it looks cool too.

Waterproof your belongings

Get a zippered bag or purse that you donā€™t mind getting rained on. Important documents, makeup, and all your knick-knacks donā€™t need to get a shower every time it rains!

Invest in leather backpacks to take street wear to a luxury level. If you still want to keep your cool purse or briefcase because its part of your outfit, keep a foldable tote bag in your bag. Once it rains, place your bag inside the nylon tote to keep the rain out.

And when we say waterproof, we mean your make up too, ladies (and gents)! Go light on the makeup, and choose long-lasting formulas that will hold up against both the humidity and rain. You donā€™t want to be seen in panda eyes and makeup-stained clothes!

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

It goes without saying that you should always keep an umbrella on you. Weā€™re not saying that you have tote around a huge umbrella all day everyday, there are compact foldable umbrellas that fit into your tote. Umbrellas are not just functional, they are also a chance for you to make a fashion statement! Quirky prints, your favourite quote, or even a transparent umbrella might just be what your outfit was missing.

Avoid looking like a wet cat

No one likes looking like they just got a bucket of water emptied over their heads, so keep those silk shirts from any hint of rain! Rainy day fashion doesnā€™t have to be dreary. Add pops of color to your outfit with the right pieces and you’ll feel cooler than ever.




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