Best Workout Shoes in 2020

If you are serious about working out and spend more time training with weights, you must wear a supporting pair of shoes that is suitable for the activity. Choosing the right pair of workout shoes that support your feet is crucial in preventing injuries and improving your foot health. Whether it is just a morning jog or a hardcore fitness routine, you need to invest time to find the best shoes that suit you. High-quality, workout-specific shoes offer a lot more than a snug fit. For instance, low drop shoes are great for functional fitness exercises, but if you run long distances in them, you will experience stress on your ankle tendons and calf muscles. Working out on athletic shoes can be dangerous as they could interfere with your balance while performing snatches or weighted squats. Buy a pair of breathable gym shoes that support your joints if you do a lot of HIIT or CrossFit. If you are looking for a new pair of workout shoes, here is the ultimate list for you.Ā 

Nike Free X Metcon 2

Best for: Ā Weightlifting and gym workouts

If you are a hardcore fitness buff who spend a lot of time in powerlifting, this is undoubtedly the best choice for you. They come with a breathable upper, good grip and incredible ankle support. They offer excellent ground connection, providing a steady platform for hard training. The toe area is crafted mostly with breathable material to allow plenty of airflow around the toe areas that could get sweaty during an explosive workout session. They fit snugly around the ankle and support rapid direction changes. If there is a negative point to mention, it is the flat sole which could make you feel a bit uncomfortable if you hit the treadmill for about fifteen minutes.

Asics Gel KayanoĀ 

Best for: Strength training and running

These light and fashionable shoes are carefully designed to provide better ankle stability. If you have muscle imbalances, this works best for you. The right support for the ankle and knees helps prevent over-pronation. Over-pronating causes your feet to roll inwards leading to swelling and pain on the knees. The light-weight design supports your feet and alleviates the pressure on the joints. They offer a smooth and slow heel-to-toe shift and hence, a good choice for running and strength training.Ā 

Nike Varsity Compete

Best for: Weightlifting and gym workouts

Carefully designed to provide the most comfortable fit with an airy feeling, Nike Varsity Compete is extremely lightweight. They offer excellent grip on the floor for a steady and confident workout session. The flat, cushioned sole makes them good for sprints and Olympic lifts. The outer is made of woven mesh to enhance breathability. When tied tightly, they offer a tight fit that gives a feeling of stability.

Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer

Best for: Gym, cross trainingĀ 

Designed as a perfect gym partner, Nano 9 Cross Trainers are flexible to enable jumping, weightlifting, lateral moves, and Olympic lifts. It is important to have a grip and feel the ground to perform cross-training confidently. Though not ideal for long-distance running, they can be comfortably used to run short distances. They have flat soles with very little cushioning and hence, they do not offer good rebound on roads. They have a form-fitting design that holds your feet firmly in place yet allow them to move flexibly.Ā 

Nike Women’s Metcon 5 Training Shoe

Best for: Gym, cross training

Metcon 5 comes with a great design that supports cross-training, jumping, Olympic lifting and other CrossFit workouts. These stable and comfortable shoes keep you firm on the ground while working out. The removable insoles facilitate a better range of motion. These insoles are called Hyperlifts. If you have narrow feet, this is absolutely a good choice for your gym workout sessions. They have amazingly stable heels and outstanding ground feel. They are good enough for short-distance running, but not suitable for running long distance. They are one of the best womenā€™s gym shoes available today.Ā 

Vibram Women’s KSO EVO Cross Trainer

Best for: Cross training

These snug-fitting shoes make you feel barefoot and gives excellent ground feedback. Adjustable laces and upper mesh add to the style and fit.Ā  The five-toe design with individual compartments for the toes enable a natural feeling and movement. It comes with an anti-microbial lining that prevents bacteria build-up and fights odour. Machine washable material makes it easier to maintain.Ā 

While selecting workout shoes, consider your sport and your feet. Your workout shoes should keep you firm on the ground, fit snugly around your ankle, and offer good stability while jumping and lifting. Check what you do not like about your current pair of shoes, note them, and search for a pair of shoes that addressesses them.Ā Ā 


This article first appeared on Reflect Fitness.




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