Photography Tips: How to Take the Most Flattering #OOTD Shots

Lê Minh/Pexels
Lê Minh/Pexels

Ever feel like your outfit looks like the bomb, but the photos don’t always do it justice?

It’s natural to feel a bit awkward when you’re asked to pose, especially if it’s someone you’re unfamiliar with on the other side of the lens. Not everyone is comfortable posing, but with a bit of guidance and practice, it’ll come more naturally to you.

Whether you want to snap a photo for memories or show off your latest outfit, we’ve put together a few tips to help you nail the shot.

Take note of your background and surroundings


Be inspired by your surroundings. Take note of Insta-worthy backgrounds like plain or textured walls and noticeable landmarks. If you’re capturing the scenery, a common mistake is standing in front of the landmark or iconic view. Try to have the icon frame your shot so that you look good with it.

Minimise background distractions like rubbish bins (unless you wanted that trashy vibe) as they can ruin your photo. And keep large crowds out of the shot as it’s harder to stand out with a lot of people in the background unless you have a DSLR professional camera for that bokeh effect.

Further bring the focus onto your outfit by using contrasting colours between your clothes and the background to grab attention. Better yet if the background has accents of textures or colours from your outfit.

Good and natural lighting

Cameras and even high-end mobile phones have come a long way and are able to take really good shots even in low lighting. But nothing really beats natural sunlight to bring out all the details in your outfit. The best timings to shoot outside is midday, when the sun’s shining the brightest and has the least amount of shadows, and during the Golden Hour just before sunset, for that soft glow.

If you’re indoors, find a place in front of a window or at least ensure that the light source is shining on you. Avoid take photos with a light source behind you or you’ll just look like a patch of black, with the details of your outfit contrasted to oblivion.



Now that we’ve got the background all set up, it’s your turn. Having a good posture isn’t just good for your back, but it also makes you look presentable. A slouch shows up more easily on a photo. Simply just stand or sit up straighter, pulling your shoulders down and towards the back to elongate your neck.

Other things to take note of is tilting your body slightly to the side so that you’re not facing the camera full on and lifting your chin to avoid an accidental double chin. Keeping your arms slightly ajar to your body also reduces the appearance of flabby arms.

Know your poses

Everyone photographs differently, and some people are just blessed with photogenic looks and look good from every direction. For the rest of us, we have no choice but to trial and error to find our good angles. This means playing around with positioning your arms and legs. Don’t forget your smile – do you want to stare at the camera or gaze away into the distance?

Take a look at some of your favourite influencers on Instagram and copy their poses to see what works for you. You’ll also start to notice the same few poses, but they might just be the reason to Insta-fame!

Experiment with angles


You’ve nailed your poses and your background framing. What next? Mix things up by experimenting with different shots. Take your pictures from the top or from a slightly lower angle. Close up shots provide a more intimate look at your outfit, while still focusing on the important details.

At the end of the day, an eye-catching OOTD shot is a joint effort between you and your photographer. He can frame your photo gorgeously, but he can’t edit that slouch away.

Practice these tips and you’ll soon be acing those outfit shots!




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