The Roborock G10 review: An automated helping hand with a home of its own.

  • Roborock has released its flagship automated self-cleaning vacuum robot, the Roborock G10.
  • Armed with new additions to its sensors, vacuums, and docking station, the latest gadget from Roborock is designed with the newest of technologies to help the modern Singaporean household clean itself.
  • TheHomeGround Asia spills the tea in our review of the Roborock G10 to see how it does in mopping up.
A shine so smooth it can see its own reflection. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)
A shine so smooth it can see its own reflection. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

In Asia, it is customary for shoes to be taken off whenever entering the home and in Singapore, it is an unspoken, quietly understood, no-shoe policy in the vast majority of pads. Whether you are heading off to school or returning from the office, that ubiquitous contact of feet on the floor still marks the coming and going.

With the help of the Roborock G10, the new generation of homemakers who do not have time to clean the floor will certainly get some peace of mind.

The Roborock G10 is the latest offering in the cleaning manufacturer’s suite of semi-autonomous robot vacuums. Combining the latest in sensor technology and a newly designed vacuum mechanics, the Roborock G10 is a cutting edge design that builds on the experiences and trials of its predecessors, to deliver a hassle-free, automated cleaning solution that leaves floors squeaky clean, while you merely ā€œsuperviseā€ its work using an informative buddy app.

Unboxing and set-up

Unwrapping the Roborock G10 for the modern homemaker can be described as a child tearing open her gift on Christmas morning. The vacuum unit comes with its own docking station, ramp, and charging cable neatly secured in styrofoam.

The Roborock G10 weighs in at only 5kg and resembles a miniaturised UFO. Its three buttons found at the top give you access to its power on, power indications, spot clean, child lock, and docking functions.Ā 

Roborock G10
A top view of the Roborock G10 with its access buttons and the LiDAR sensor. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

Also located at the top is its LiDAR array. This combination of 3-D and laser scanning, helps the Roborock G10 map its work area. At its bottom are the main and side brushes, with a series of wheels and sensors that enables the gadget to navigate, access, and clean every inch of your home.

Roborock G10
A bottom view of the Roborock G10 with its wheels, filters, and vacuums. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

In addition, the smart vacuum has a 300ml built-in slide out water tray and detachable dustbin. It is also smart enough to make its way back to its dock to recharge in between cleaning cycles and take on clean water from the dockā€™s central reservoir while dumping any dirty water it has into another container within the dock itself.

Roborock G10
The slide-out water tray and detachable dustbin. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

Once fitted, the Roborock G10 is ready and raring to embark on its first run where it maps out your home layout. After which, you can pair the device with a phone and your home WiFi network devices to customise its cleaning to your needs by setting the frequency of cleaning and assigning it access to enter dirty and dusty areas.

Surface tensions

The Roborock G10 has a mopping range where it simultaneously mops and sweeps an area of up to 300 sqm or 3,230 sq ft, which is ample considering the unit sizes of homes in Singapore.

On common floorings like marble, parquet, and vinyl, the Roborock G10 conquers all to provide a squeaky clean floor. The array of brushes sweeps debris and dust into the main underside roller while the ā€˜Vibrariseā€™ module sonically vibrates the mop at 3,000 times per minute to efficiently shake out dirt and stubborn stains from the floor by repeating at the same point over and over again. Coupled with 2500Pa of suction power, small dust and debris are easily sucked into the unit before passing through the air filter and entering the dustbin.Ā 

The design of the fins prevent oddly shaped and long objects like hair from tangling with other debris to avoid the odd dustball that might hinder the Roborock G10ā€™s cleaning passage. What this all means is that the gadget can mop the floor cleaner than a normal robot.Ā 

Before deploying the Roborock G10, it is recommended that users keep the areas that need to be cleaned free of loose wires that may get caught in the robot, resulting in disconnection or damage to the wires and property. So, a simple preparation is needed to keep your home neatly organised.

It is able to surmount obstacles as high as 2cm, such as carpets, to continue cleaning. Thanks to its VibraRise technology, it is smart enough to lift its mop when a carpet is detected, even returning to its dock for mop washing to prevent the spreading of dirt.


The sensors and omni-directional wheel helps the Roborock G10 to safely navigate the furniture of your home and avoid your pets.Ā 

Roborock G10
Let the Roborock G10 roam free in the presence of your pets it might be cleaning the furs of after. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

A place to call home

Asides from a stylish monochrome exterior, the docking bay houses a built-in water tank for automated refilling. After each round of cleaning, the station doubles as an auto self-cleaning ā€˜pit-stopā€™ which cleans all the dirt from the robot’s mopping at the base of the dock by using a high-speed brush and a bi-directional scraping to clean the mop and dock simultaneously.Ā 

Roborock G10
Unlike certain docking situations, the process for the Roborock G10 is free of worry. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)
Roborock G10
A charging, refilling, cleaning station for your Roborock G10 all fitted in one ā€˜pit-stopā€™. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

Its design should not be overlooked. The Roborock G10 is a vast improvement fromĀ  its predecessors by concleaning the tanks in a sleek black-and-white facade that blends in the look of any home in Singapore.

Roborock G10
Sleek in classic black and white, the Roborock G10 and its home is not only aesthetically pleasing, but worthy of a conversation starter. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

Roborock G10 real time feedback

Through its companion app ā€œRoborockā€, you have access to the deviceā€™s cleaning time, area, and routes. The lines in the picture below depicts the route that the Roborock G10 takes in the area floor plan as mapped by its sensors.

Roborock G10
The detailed information of the Roborock G10ā€™s cleaning time, area, and routes can be accessed in the trusty companion app. (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

Roborock G10: a great helping hand to make time elsewhere

Roborock G10
Is there a price that can be put on time and convenience? (Photo source: TheHomeGround Asia)

True to its creed, the Roborock G10 is a great addition to your arsenal against dust and dirt to provide cleanliness and convenience in the hectic lives of Singaporeans.

While it does not provide a direct replacement for good-old-fashioned elbow grease in keeping your floors clean, priced at S$1,049.90, the Roborock G10 might seem a bit steep but if you have not the time to clean house, then perhaps it is worth the amount forked out.

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