Cafe Culture in Singapore


Whether you’re in it for your regular Kopi from the nearby Kopitiam or looking to spice up your taste buds with some artisan blends from all over the world, Singapore’s recent inclusion to café culture has got you covered.

With most cafés in Singapore taking inspiration from the ones in Melbourne or European countries, the style of ‘East meets West’ fusions in the Lion City brings out flavours and experiences like never before.

To some, coffee drinking has become a sort of science. Having to take in the aroma and tasting the different hints of the subtle flavour of the beans chosen has boosted some cafés to make a name for themselves for their house blends.  

For home-grown cafés such as Nylon Coffee Roasters and Dutch Colony Coffee Co., sourcing their beans and creating their blends of coffee is what sets them apart from other coffee joints. Making artisan cups of joe for those who savour and understand the complexity of coffee.

For most customers, a good cup of coffee is enough for them to go about their days. The beauty of café culture in the city-state is the attention to detail in serving good coffee. The standard and expectations of coffee have increased as cafés became more prominent around the neighbourhood.

Having premium coffee on hand has become an integral part of a café, being somewhat an iconic piece to see behind the counters. Of course, café culture in Singapore not only includes the tasting of the roasts. Many take pride in their aesthetics and ambience, one that would be pleasing to the eyes and cameras.  

From following a minimal aesthetic or having a unique theme, cafés in Singapore tend to be very detail-oriented. Most cafés tend to be more laid back and cosy, but to stand out, many add different flares to make a name for themselves.

Cafés such as The Book Café and Café de Nicole’s Flowers, using theme as their interior design motif is what makes them known and remembered. From having stacks and shelves of books and ample space for reading and studying to surrounding the space with floral arrangements that are also on sale, innovative cafés like these are what keeps them on the map.

With a plethora of places to choose from, café culture in Singapore has encouraged locals to discover and experience almost every one of these coffee joints. Café-hopping has been part of the culture ever since cafés started getting more known and popular.

Going from one café to the other, café-hopping has become a regular activity, especially for the millennials. Be it to test and discover the best coffee and food in town or to experience the ambience of each one, café-hopping has allowed small establishments to be put in the spotlight.

Café culture has changed how we go about our days. In the past, gathering in malls or even parks was the go-to for meetups. However, meetings in cafés have become the norm. From casual talks about business or gathering for brunch, cafés are now an option for hangouts and meetings. And one does not have to stray far away from their neighbourhoods to find a decent coffee joint.

Scattered all over Singapore, cafés could be found in every corner. From the busy streets of the CBD or the quiet ones in the heartlands, local coffee joints can be found ready for you to take home the perfect brew.

Sometimes, though, the classic Kopi is all we need to cure the caffeine cravings. With cafés competing with one another with Asian-Western fusion menus and blends, some local coffee shops stay true to the Singaporean taste buds but still want to appeal to the younger café goers.

Old Chang Kee Coffee House, the Singapore classic’s flagship outlet, serves all-time local favourites with a side of nostalgia. With the interior decorated with retro furniture and tableware, local coffee shops like these bring back memories and might even take you back on your first sip of coffee.

Café culture in Singapore is ever-changing. With cafés opening almost every other month, all you have to do is take your pick and decide how you like your coffee. Whether you prefer to appreciate a cup of speciality coffee or to just savour the aromatic caffeine to go about your day, or perhaps just hopping from one place to another or being a regular in one, going to these local coffee joints has become a past-time for everyone.




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