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In a climate where talking about sex feels as awkward as the painfully relatable scenes in Netflix’s Sex Education, Durex is looking to empower the next generation of Singaporeans with the knowledge, tools and resources to make more informed decisions in the bedroom.

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Sex? What about it? (@netflix, GIPHY)

How much do you know about sex?

You might know the logistics and operations of having sex, but research shows that young adults in Singapore feel unprepared for the world of sex (no pun intended!). Despite data showing that more than half a million people are at risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV in Singapore, young adults in Singapore are 20 times less likely to use a condom during their first sexual experience compared to the rest of the world, with an outstanding 60 per cent who’ve had sex not taking any precautions to protect themselves.

Common misconceptions

While part of the reason is probably that many of us skirted ‘the talk’ with our parents (or with anybody but Google for that matter), it’s also that discussions around sexual health rarely do come up in conversations with friends growing up.

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How we’ve all responded when asked about sex. (GIPHY)

So in a video hitting the streets, Durex interviews some of the young adults in Singapore, to better understand the common gaps in sexual knowledge, and address them.

Test yourself on your knowledge of safe sex with the quiz below!

What’s the difference between STIs and STDs?

Common answer: Yeaaaaa, I don’t know.

Correct answer: A Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) is an infection where a bacteria or virus enters the body. A Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) is a disease where signs and symptoms occur. STDs are more chronic and harder to cure.

Can you catch an STI from oral sex?

Common answer: Erm, no?

Correct answer: With unprotected sex, yes you can.

What’s the difference between HIV and AIDs?

Best answer: “One refers to the method of transmission and the other refers to the condition.”

Correct answer: While the latter part is correct – that AIDs is a condition – HIV is actually a virus that attacks cells in the immune system. If untreated, HIV then develops into AIDs. You can think about it this way – every person who has AIDS has HIV, but not every person with HIV will develop AIDS.

People living with HIV that have an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV through sex. True or False?

Common answer: FALSE.

Correct answer: TRUE. With antiretroviral therapy, individuals with HIV can suppress their viral load to undetectable levels, and lead longer, healthier lives.

Why education is important

To start dialogues that build positive and healthy attitudes around sexual health, information that empowers good, safe sex for all needs to be provided. Says Mr. Justin Lee, Marketing Director of RB Singapore, “Young Singaporeans especially need a safe space where they can learn about, talk about, and ask questions about sex, which is why we’re creating a space on the digital platforms they most frequently use to join us in an open and honest discussion, without judgement”.

How this links to what Durex is doing for World Aids Day

If you’re currently enjoying sexual liberation, the best way to reduce the risk of getting an STI or STD is to wear condoms.

With the help of the community, Durex intends to donate 10,000 condoms to Action for AIDS (AFA) as part of the brand’s commitment to make condoms more accessible, and reduce the spread of HIV infections and STIs locally.

From World AIDS Day (1 December 2020), Durex is thus asking Singaporeans to purchase a condom to give a condom – to not only show their support, but to spread good, safe sex for all. The ‘buy a condom to give a condom’ donation is available across all retail points in Singapore.

Says Justin, “We want to take the conversation a step further and translate it into something actionable. By connecting AFA’s network with our product, we hope to be able to deliver the resources young Singaporeans need to make better and healthier decisions for safe and satisfying sex.”


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