GIVEAWAY: Coco-NUTS For IRONMAN Cocowater, The Choice Beverage for Active Lifestyles

IRONMAN Cocowater/Instagram
IRONMAN Cocowater/Instagram

IRONMAN Cocowater is the beverage of choice for athletes and active individuals everywhere! Containing no added sugars and chock full of the natural goodness of young coconuts, IRONMAN Cocowater is ideal for daily hydration, post workout recovery, and cooling off in sunny Singapore.Ā 

In the tropical paradise of Hawaii, coconut water is known as ā€œnoelaniā€ (no-way la-nee), which translates to ā€œdew from the heavensā€. The Hawaiians view the refreshing beverage as a staple in their diet, and the high regard they hold it to is wholly justified.Ā 

On top of being absolutely delicious, the beverage is low in sugar, contains zero fat, and contains a high amount of electrolytes, especially potassium. In fact, one serving of coconut water contains enough potassium to replace two whole bananas!Ā 

IRONMAN Cocowater/Facebook

But why does it matter?

Well, thatā€™s because the electrolytes contained within coconut water is fundamental to body function and peak performance for athletes.Ā 

Coconut water is often lauded for its high amounts of potassium, a mineral that is vital to proper kidney and heart function, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission. When there is a deficit of potassium in your body, it can result in compromised nervous and muscular systems, often resulting in muscle cramps and weakness.Ā 

With nearly 70% of potassium being found in bodily fluids like plasma, blood, and sweat, the mineral is easily lost during exercise when you sweat. This is where IRONMAN Cocowater comes in to save the day! With twice the amount of potassium compared to bananas, IRONMAN Cocowater is a sure-fire way to replenish potassium levels and keep you functioning in tip-top shape.

Wow, I didnā€™t know that! What else is IRONMAN Cocowater good for?

IRONMAN Cocowater contains only natural sugars, which work with electrolytes such as potassium to keep you energised and hydrated during workouts. Additionally, the refreshing beverage is low in calories, making it a healthier alternative to sodas or sweetened beverages.Ā 

Whether you are an active athlete looking for a healthy refreshing hydration option, or just trying to cool off in Singaporeā€™s balmy weather, IRONMAN Cocowater is perfect for you!

I would like to try a bottle! How do I join the giveaway?

We have good news for you! TheHomeGround has partnered with IRONMAN Cocowater to bring this amazing beverage to you at home. Take part in the giveaway below to win not just one bottle but one carton (24 bottles) of IRONMAN Cocowater (Green)!

To take part in this sure-win giveaway, just follow the steps below:Ā 

  1. Subscribe to TheHomeGround Asia
  2. Follow us on Instagram and/or at @thehomegroundasia
  3. Like the giveaway post
  4. Tag a friend in the comments and include the name that you have used for your subscription
  5. And, if you tag at least 5 friends, you get an ADDITIONAL carton of IRONMAN Cocowater!

The giveaway will end on 22 November 2020 at 11:59 p.m. (SGT). All successful participants will receive a notification email between 23 and 27 November 2020. Each e-mail is entitled to one carton of IRONMAN Cocowater. Prizes can either be self-collected at our office in Singapore or delivered via Shopee (delivery charges apply).Ā 

IRONMAN Cocowater is also available for purchase on Shopee.


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