Unwrapped: Changing family dynamics or stick to traditional man-woman stereotype?

  • Singapore’s new laws governing child adoption, passed on 9 May, provides clarity and tighten rules to ensure adoptions are in line with Singapore public policy and to protect the child’s welfare.
  • But couples wanting to adopt a child must be married under laws recognised by Singapore, which in turn, means only a man and a woman married to each other can apply.
  • Through our weekly series Unwrapped this week, TheHomeGround Asia takes a look at whether, in the changing family dynamics of the modern world, the new adoption law should limit rights to only traditional family nucleus of man-woman couples.

In our weekly series Unwrapped, TheHomeGround Asia takes a closer look at major stories and happenings that impact Singaporeans.

The new laws governing child adoption was passed in Parliament on Monday (May 9). It aims to protect the welfare of the adoted child and tighten rules to ensure adoptions are not mere transactions between the adoptive and biological parents or the commercial adoption agencies.

All and well, but the new law continues to limit adoption to only a man and a woman married to each other as Singapore’s marriage law only allows a man and woman to marry each other.

The Singapore Government also discourages planned and deliberate single parenthood as a lifestyle choice and does not support the use of assisted reproduction technology or surrogacy to conceive and then adopt a child.

The team examines whether in this age of changing family dynamics — where two-parent households are on the decline as divorce, remarriage and cohabitation rise, and then there are families with same-sex parents and single-parents — that the new law should allow more than just the traditional man-woman union to adopt.

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