Unwrapped: Why many abuse those merely carrying out their duties

  • When the security officer outside Red Swastika Primary was almost mowed down by a Bentley insisting on entering the school, the video went viral.
  • Studies have shown that abuse of those in the service soared during the pandemic — abuse of security guards rose 30 per cent while the number of abuse cases at hospitals went up over the years.
  • Through our weekly series Unwrapped this week, TheHomeGround Asia takes a closer look at why people physically and verbally abuse others they deemed to be beneath them.

In our weekly series Unwrapped, TheHomeGround Asia takes a closer look at major stories and happenings that impact Singaporeans.

The number of cases of people abusing those in the service industry for merely doing their jobs have spiked.

In this week’s episode, we examine why so many are abusive towards front liners such as nurses, bus drivers, security guards and even cleaners.

Is this a societal ill where people tend to look down on those who carry out menial jobs or has this frustration and impatience become part of our fast paced lifestyle?

We put these acts under a microscope to decipher why.

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