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Dru Chen
Dru Chen

With the news that 75 per cent of office staff are allowed to return to the office at the same time, immersing ourselves in high quality content on our daily commute between home and work is important as ever. This is the sound of March. It’s fierce and packing some powerful and unlikely combinations. 


Billie Eilish’s The World’s a Little Blurry 

Very little can be said about the current evolutionary steps of music without discussing the sibling pair of Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell. With both of their contributions to today’s music scene grabbing the attention of the world, thanks in no small part to a multiple wins at 2020’s Grammy Awards (five for Eilish, six for Finneas), a peek into the world behind Eilish’s musical journey is interesting to say the least.

Documenting the process behind the creation of her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, the documentary is a mix of home video footage from a time before her superstardom, cut with a fresh look at her touring journey and dealing with said stardom.

Enjoy Enjaami, a Viral Song of Protest by Arivu and Dhee

This surprise collaborative cultural-pop hit has taken on a whole new meaning with its deeper socio-ecological meaning. Appealing to the part of us that wants better for the world, this almost tribal call for peaceful coexistence between man and nature has taken on a new life as an anthem for both environmentalists, and people who just want a better tomorrow.

Replay by Dru Chen

An exceptionally mellow and chill take on a nostalgic love song, Dru Chen’s latest piece is a standout single that doesn’t conform to expectations of the genre. The steady rhythm that underscores a very simple melody insert allows his vocals to take centre-stage. As Dru himself puts it, Replay is a “true pocket soul jam”.

Hit My Line by Homeground Studios

Prepare yourself for a local dose of Far East Movement-esque vibes with Homeground Studios’ Hit My Line. A collaboration between Homeground Studios, Singaporean rapper Tengyboy, and Malaysian singer NYK, Hit My Line is a pretty catchy beat that would rest neatly in your morning groove playlist as well as your evening unwinding line-up.


Renegades: Born in the USA by… Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama?


Of the many things to be born of the successful eight-year presidency of Barack Obama, a podcast with famed everyman rockstar Bruce Springsteen isn’t something one would have expected. And while one may not expect much in common between the once-president and a rock legend who is arguably more relevant than ever, these renegades quickly put any disparities to rest by reminding their listeners that they’re both Americans all the same.

As President Obama himself says, “On the surface, Bruce and I don’t have a lot in common. But over the years, what we’ve found is that we’ve got a shared sensibility. About work, about family and about America. In our own ways, Bruce and I have been on parallel journeys trying to understand this country that’s given us both so much.”

Just icons being icons.

Wecrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork

Imagine going from being valued at US$47 billion (S$63.2 billion) to being worth a little less than nothing. Thanks to the temporary-household name WeWork, no one will have to imagine the spiralling loss in finances and recognition.

And thanks to host David Brown as well as the team behind this podcast intricately covering the rise and fall of WeWork, we will never have to imagine just how badly our own fictional multi-billion dollar industries may have turned out.


Women and Other Monsters by Jess Zimmerman

For literally centuries, mythology and fantasy have been plagued by the perceptions and deeds of men, with little to no room for female characters to explore the realms of protagonists.

Thankfully, “Women and Other Monsters” by Jess Zimmerman subverts all expectations as her writing takes the audience through an illuminating journey of feminism as seen through the eyes of eleven female monsters, including the likes of Medusa, the Harpies, the Furies, and the Sphinx, encouraging women to reconsider their perceptions and to accept a new age of female empowerment!

Later by Stephen King

Master of the written horror, Stephen King’s words come to life with Seth Umrich’s narration of King’s latest novel. Released in tandem with the printed edition by Hard Case Crime, Later is a thrilling horror piece that is only better served with the auditory adaptation, allowing both room to imagine, as well as the chilling reality that can only come with a voice.

Known for his work on The Blacklist, Madam Secretary. and Homeland, Numrich is no stranger to vocalising intense characters, and brings his A-game to the audio book with every character.

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