Dating Apps: The Best, The Worst, The Surprising, and The New!

Yogas Design/Unsplash
Yogas Design/Unsplash

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married, and have a little family. 

It’s the fairytale romance that we all grew up hearing about, but reality isn’t always quite so simple. Many of us barely get past the first stage and for some, even that can be a challenge. When Lady Luck isn’t on our side, we need all the help we can get. And in today’s technologically-reliant world, dating apps are the go-to solution for those looking for The One.

But even finding the right app can be a challenge with the numerous options available out there. TheHomeGround Asia thus sought to do all of you a favour and find the best dating app for your dating needs. 

Of course, we understand that every individual’s experience is different and thus, we took to the internet and surveyed 40 people on the apps they love, the ones they hate, and what they would like to see in an ideal app. By the end of this review, we hope that you will find your perfect match! 

Caveat: The views of our survey participants are not representative of the entire population. A specific demographic was represented in the survey, with respondents being majority female (73%) and heterosexual (85%). Participants’ age ranged from 19 to 35. 

What are people using?

Distribution of dating app users

A wide range of dating apps were used by the participants we surveyed. The most popular app was Tinder, with 32 users, followed by Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) with 28, and OkCupid with 16. The other apps used by participants were Bumble, Tantan, Hinge, Paktor, Grindr, Muzmatch, Happn, Minder, and Skout. 

The best

Unsurprisingly, the top three rated dating apps by our participants were also the top three most used apps: Tinder, CMB, and OKC. However, it seems that users generally have different reasons for liking the apps. 

For Tinder, most respondents highlighted the large pool of users as a plus. Meanwhile, users who liked CMB mostly enjoyed the customisation options available and appreciated how matches were “higher quality” and how people were generally “more serious about relationships”. Finally, users who preferred OKC liked the quiz function that was unique to the app as it allowed them to have a better understanding into the other party and served as good conversation starters. 

The worst

It seems that popularity is a double-edged sword, for Tinder came up overwhelmingly as our participants’ least favourite app despite being the most used. Nearly half of participants voted for Tinder as their least favorite app, followed by CMB, and subsequently Paktor. 

It should be noted, however, that Paktor has significantly less users than Tinder and CMB. In fact, 100% of users who used the Paktor app also selected it as their least favourite app, compared to about 50% of Tinder users.

Those who disliked Tinder shared the sentiment that despite the large pool of users, many of them were there for hookups or one-night stands. One also highlighted that the lack of a comprehensive profile meant that there was an excessive focus on appearances which made the platform appear more superficial. 

On the other hand, CMB users who disliked the app mostly took issues with the slow pace of the app and the more tedious process. Paktor users mostly commented on the small pool of people available. 

The surprising

We’re giving an honourable mention to Bumble, which came in fourth place in terms of popularity! 

Users who preferred Bumble seemed to agree that it had similarities with CMB in that it was more serious and allowed for better curation of individuals. An additional point of differentiation is that Bumble places the responsibility of initiating a conversation on the women instead of leaving it open, a point that is unique to them!

So what exactly are users looking for?

From the results of our survey, it seems that people mostly appreciated having a large pool of users to interact with (like Tinder), while still maintaining the option of having customisable preferences and quality interactions (like CMB and OKC). 

At the end of the day, each app comes with its own set of pros and cons, and every user will have a different experience based on what they are looking for. For those looking for a quick way to meet individuals, Tinder might be ideal. Meanwhile, those looking for a specific profile might prefer apps like CMB or OKC. 

We also asked users what features their ideal app would come with and some interesting points were raised: 

  • Being able to customise preferences beyond just physical appearances and general demographic (e.g. common interests, hobbies, etc.)
  • More personality question prompts to help ease the awkwardness of first conversations and provide talking points 
  • Better security measures including background checks, disabling of screenshots, and the ability to report and block sexual harassers or predators without question

What if I still can’t find a match?


If you’re finding no luck with existing dating apps, singletons will be pleased to know that a new dating app is up and coming in January 2021! The new app, Lovenn, is designed by Singaporean Vernice Yap, who was tired of the existing options and sought to build her ideal dating app to help her find The One. 

Lovenn will feature more comprehensive profiles, with users having to answer behavioural questions from whether they smoke, to their values and beliefs (for instance, whether they would engage in premarital sex). Users will also be allowed to select certain traits as deal-breakers for better customisation.

Ultimately, dating apps are still simply a platform to help you meet people you might not otherwise have the chance to interact with. While I am in no position to be dishing out dating or relationship advice, I’m a firm believer that what will be, will be (que sera sera). Embrace your singlehood while you have it, and cherish your relationship once you find it. 

P.S. This isn’t an ad for Lovenn. We’re just sharing the good news to hopefully help hopeful singles find their match!


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