Tech Round-up: April 2021


As our “new” normal continues to evolve, April’s tech will make you wish you were stuck at home with space to truly experience these gadgets. Well, for the most part…

With this monthā€™s tech, brace yourself for the sort of creativity that is going to make you want to drop money on items that you may not entirely need. But what is a want if not a need? Aprilā€™s tech drops are jaw-droppingly slick ā€“ see for yourself.Ā 

Lenovoā€™s new Legion Gaming Smartphone hasā€¦ PC-style cooling

(Source: Lenovo)

This phone is specced up, and here to tend to the heightened intensity of our mobile gaming habits. Built for gamers, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 follows the language of its predecessor. The phone is built primarily for usage in landscape mode, with double USB-C ports and a pop-up front camera on its long side.Ā 

The phone runs on the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, and is cooled by a brand new Twin-Turbo Fan system. The complete thermal cooling solution is an active system that works to move heat away from your hands. holding two fans within a vapour chamber, graphite layers, and a copper pillar skeleton.Ā 

To add to its list of astounding features, the phone also has two ultrasonic trigger buttons, a hearty 6.92 AMOLED display at a 144Hz refresh rate, a 720 Hz touch sampling rate, and additional graphic power from an additional Pixelworks i6 processor.Ā 

Check out its full spec list in Lenovoā€™s release notes here.Ā 

Sharpā€™s Cube Air Purifier for your office nook

(Source: Sharp)

Whether or not you are dreading the new allowances for up to 75 per cent of staff to be in offices at any one time, safety remains a top priority. Sharpā€™s new Cube Air Purifier (IG-EX20B-B) is a cute 90 x 90 x 95mm in size, and clears out moulds and viruses with its in-built Sharp Plasmacluster technology. There are three power settings at 2.1W, 2.4W, and 3.1W, respectively, and you can charge it with a USB cable.Ā 

At full power, the purifier is capable of emitting 50,000 ions, enough to limit 99 per cent of airborne and adhering mould, odours, viruses, and bacteria in a matter of minutes, or a few hours for more stubborn threats, including the SARS-CoV-2. Allergens and static electricity can also be suppressed.

Buy the Sharp Cube Air Purifier on Sharpā€™s online store or from other authorised dealers.

Hear thisā€¦ An Optimus Prime Figure that transforms automatically

(Source: Hasbro)

The Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Robot Collectorā€™s Edition is… a very long name, with a long list of features to warrant it. And smack on top of that list, is the fact that itā€™s a robot. If youā€™re a fan of the franchise, this is a definite dream come true, as the figure that stands at a towering 48cm can transform itself. Based on the G1 Optimus Prime, there is little not to want here.

This masterpiece comes with built-in speakers, and in all, can play 80 sounds effects voiced by the ā€œoriginalā€ Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen. It can also move in response to over 25 voice-activated commands. The figure is a pre-order on Hasbro Pulse, Hasbroā€™s crowdfunding site for expensive collectibles catering to serial collectors and hardcore fans. Is it worth it? You decide.Ā 

While the figure is sold out on Hasbro Pulse, you can get in on more details here as you hope that local retailers sell the product without inflating it too much.Ā 

The Brydge 10.2 MAX+ Wireless Keyboard for iPads

(Source: Brydge)

At only 520g, this is one neat accessory youā€™re going to want to carry around with you, especially as Singaporeā€™s trudge into safer territories free of COVID-19 continues. Made for 7th and 8th generation iPads, this wireless keyboard comes complete with a multi-touch capable trackpad and other features that will help convert your tablet into a laptop seamlessly.Ā 

This keyboard is sturdy, and can even survive a 4-foot drop, with the Otterbox MIL-STD-810G guarantee to prove durability. Expect all the satisfying features of any computer keyboard, such as backlit keys, and an antibacterial coating. Added benefits include magnetic Spanfit Clamps and a battery life that can last you a long six months, should you begin a journey in Middle-Earth to Mordor.

Buy the Brydge 10.2 MAX+ at, its other e-commerce stores, or their physical stores at Tangs and Takashimaya.Ā Ā 

You know you want the Asus ROG Phone 5

(Source: Gizmo China)

The ASUS ROG Phone 5 is so powerful it might be unnecessary. But it wonā€™t be long until games and other software demand the new maximum capabilities of our mobile devices. Benchmarks point to the phone being the most powerful option available internationally right now, with the Snapdragon 888, 144Hz/1ms AMOLED display, and a gargantuan 6000mAh battery.Ā 

There are various internal options, the highest of which allows you to scale up to an insane 18GB memory and 512GB storage. It provides a holistic experience with its front-firing stereo audio speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack thatā€™s a little harder to come by with mobile phones these days. The phone also comes with Air Trigger 5 Technology and Active Cooler functions.Ā 

This phone is going to cost you a bit with the base model retailing at S$1,499, and the Ultimate edition going for S$1,799. But it far exceeds the performance of many of its competitors. Pre-order the ASUS ROG 5 here.

FujiFilmā€™s Cute Retro Instax Mini 40 Camera

(Source: Fujifilm)

Packing more than just a retro skin, the Instax Mini 40 is based off of the Instax Mini 11, with a 35mm lens, auto-exposure, and built-in flash, paired with minimalistic settings and buttons.Ā 

The brand has also announced a new instant film to put in your cameras. Inspired by photographersā€™ contact sheets, the new Contact Sheet film will come in packs of 10 exposures.Ā 

Find out more here.Ā 

An AI-Powered Washing Machine – The Samsung Quickdrive

(Source: Samsung)

Samsungā€™s Quickdrive washing machines are made to lighten your load, especially when your laundry piles up. With the Super Speed cycle, expect wash times to be compressed to a mere 39 minutes. Your clothes will be hyper-cleaned by powerful jets of water from Speed Spray and accelerated spins.Ā 

Despite the heightened efficiency, you can expect to save on your electricity bills with the 20 per cent reduction in energy consumption by the Quickdrive. The Quickdrive is also made to give a minimalistic experience, with an AI control panel that comes free of bells and whistles.Ā 

What truly sets the Quickdrive in AI territory is its ability to learn your most frequent wash cycles, sync up with other machines, and 4 built-in sensors that measure dirt levels, water levels, wash load, and detergent levels. Oh, and it has an automatic detergent dispenser!Ā 

Find the Samsung Quickdrive on their online store.

Dysonā€™s V15 Detect Vacuum brings us back to the future

(Source: Dyson)

Dyson has never fallen short of introducing cutting-edge technology to most of its products. And with its latest addition to its vacuum cleaner collection, THERE ARE LASERS! Yes, youā€™re never walking away from the slightest smidge on your floor with these cool green lasers that detect dust and dirt.Ā 

Inspired by the idea of dust being easier to see in the sun, the V15ā€™s laser diode is positioned precisely at a 1.5-degree angle just 7.3mm off the floor. Accompanying features include the acoustic piezo sensor that monitors air intake, increasing power if numerous large particles are sensed. There is also a new anti-tangle conical brush bar that helps prevent hair from getting tangled on the brush bar of your vacuum head.Ā 

Find out more about the irresistible Dyson V15 here.Ā 

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