Life After COVID: Peps the Stuntman

  • Follow the lives of eights artists in Singapore as they reveal how COVID-19 has affected them and how they adapted to it. This is the story of Peps the Stuntman.

From an animator to a stunt coordinator, Peps has spent almost a decade in the stunt industry. It all started with his fascination for on-screen combat as growing up, he was a big fan of the Tokusatsu and the Kamen Rider series.

The pandemic stopped his work entirely as no films could be shot during the lockdown. But he saw the silver lining and took the time to rest and recover while stepping up his personal training.

Peps highlights the issues in the local stunt industry like “wigging” where he has to stunt double for actresses due to a lack of stuntwomen.

He firmly believes Singapore can do action scenes if local productions gave enough time to rehearse before the shoot and if the stuntmen were fairly compensated. These issues stagnate the industry as the unsustainable compensation means that stuntmen do not stay long in the field and hence cannot develop their craft to become professionals.

Find out how Peps tackles these challenges and what the future of the stunt industry in Singapore will be like.

WATCH: Life After COVID – Kamini the Storyteller

Special thanks to Peps Goh @pepsgoh

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