MAKAN WARS: Spicy Ayam Geprek Challenge

  • From portion size to food presentation and taste, MAKAN WARS is a web series that compares the same food dishes from different stalls. In the first episode, follow our hosts Adi Rahman and Kevin Wong as they try the top two Ayam Geprek stalls here in Singapore.

Love spicy food? Better yet, love watching people test their chilli tolerance? Follow our hosts Adi Rahman and Kevin Wong as they try different levels of Spicy Ayam Geprek.

In this first episode of MAKAN WARS, we compare two known names in the “Ayam Geprek” scene. The battle of PAPA AYAM and D’ PENYETZ.

We look at presentation, taste, texture, colour and most importantly its spiciness!

What is the difference between ayam geprek and ayam penyet? Ayam penyet is a traditional Javanese ayam goreng half-cooked in a yellow spice paste and then deep-fried in hot palm oil. Ayam geprek however, is a more American (Ang Moh) fried chicken, which is crispy fried chicken coated with batter.

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